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    Official: Honda's first production jet takes off from North Carolina

    Plenty of automakers have backgrounds in aircraft manufacturing. BMW, Bristol, Mitsubishi, Saab and Spyker all started out in the airplane business. But Honda is going the opposite direction, expanding its automotive (not to mention motorcycle, ATV, marine engine and power equipment) business ...

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    Official: First production HondaJet nearly completed

    We may mention Honda around here mostly for its cars, but the Japanese industrial giant makes a whole lot more than that. The company builds motorcycles, ATVs, marine engines, power equipment and – soon enough – jet airplanes. Honda has been working on its first private jet since ...

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    Video: Honda 'Hands' ad is a worthy successor to 'Cog'

    The 2003 Cog commercial from Honda may have been named one of the best car commercials of all time, but an all-new spot called Hands looks to be even more entertaining even if it's digitally enhanced. The two-minute video – which starts and ends with a nod to Cog – highlights just ...

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    Official: HondaJet production underway

    During a press conference at the National Business Aviation Association's annual convention in Orlando, Florida, Honda announced that production has begun of its HondaJet line. Honda considers this a major milestone in the development of the business jet. The Japanese company has stated that its ...

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    Report: Grounded Again: HondaJet delayed for engine redesign

    Honda made its bones as an engine manufacturer first and foremost, so its latest problems getting the HondaJet off the ground must be frustrating. According to Bloomberg, recent testing revealed a susceptibility to ice damage, forcing a redesign of the HondaJet's HF120 engine. This development ...

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    HondaJet tops out at 489 mph, nears sale date

    The first FAA-conforming HondaJet managed a top speed of 489 miles per hour at 30,000 feet on March 11. That mark surpasses Honda's original goal for the jet, and gets it one step closer to production. The flight tests are still in their early stages, so it will be a while yet before the light ...

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    More HondaJet info, images released

    The HondaJet – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The HondaJet has begun ground and stress testing in advance of its flight exams, and in the processits specifications have been finalized. The paint scheme seen above has been chosen as the standard for the general aviation aircraft, ...

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    Grounded: HondaJet delayed again due to component delays

    Honda may still be dreaming the impossible dream, but it's not helping the company's new HondaJet get off the ground. According to Automotive News, the world won't be seeing the aircraft until 2012. Once upon a time, the Japanese company had planned to take to the skies as soon as this year, but ...

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    Honda updates Impossible Dream ad with CR-Z, Asimo and hot tub

    Honda Impossible Dream II – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Honda has resurrected The Impossible Dream once more. Hands down one of our favorite car spots of all time, the original ad aired in the UK way back in 2005 and featured a smattering of models from the Japanese company's ...

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    Jenson Button to take delivery of first two HondaJets

    Click above to view the HondaJet in hi-res Although it is being built in North Carolina, it will be another couple of years before the HondaJet will undergo U.S. federal aviation certification. But in the meantime, the aircraft launched this week in Europe at the European Business Aviation ...

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    Toyota could enter aircraft industry, HondaJet prepares for dogfight

    var digg_url = ''; Now that its ground offensive has taken control of the battlefield, word comes that Toyota's field commanders might have an eye toward the skies. That's right: Toyota is reportedly considering an offer from Mitsubishi Heavy ...

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    Honda sells 100 jets in 3 days

    Not exactly an auto, but Honda is one of the world's leading automakers so we thought you might be interested in hearing how its foray into aviation is going. Since we first mentioned this effort back in July, it seems things are going quite well, actually. At a convention in Orlando, Florida this ...

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    Honda takes to the air!

    Honda Motor announced Tuesday that it is going into the jet airplane business. After flying various versions of a small business jet for about nine years, the company has decided to enter the very light jet market with its airborne equivalent of the Honda Civic.Honda has partnered with venerable ...


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