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If you had asked us just a few days ago if Giorgetto Giugiaro was behind the design of any production Lamborghini, we probably would have answered, Sure, he must have...right? Wrong. Because none of Lamborghini's road cars ever bore the famed designer's lines.


Giorgetto Giugiaro has a series of successful concepts under his belt, including the Ferrari GG50 and his own interpretation of the Mustang. But his most recent design exercise -- the Italdesign Quaranta, shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show -- was a clear indication that he was moving beyond bespoke bodywork and taking a long look into the future of the automobile.


John Z. DeLorean began his automotive career in 1947 when he worked part time at Chrysler while in college. From there, he rose fairly quickly in Detroit and after securing the vice president position of car and truck production for GM, DeLorean quit and formed DeLorean Motor Company.

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