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    Video: Meet the man who put 170K miles on this Corvair van in four years

    John Jackson is our kind of guy. As a professional automotive photographer, he's managed to combine his passion for photography and beautiful machinery into a vocation. But unlike most shooters, Jackson prefers to get off the beaten path to suss out the custom rides that would typically get ...

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    Corvair Autocross: Awesomely thrilling at any speed

    Behold, Corvair handling! The first time you decide to autocross a forward-control Corvair, this lifted-wheel, heavy-leaning posture must be positively terrifying. When all four wheels find pavement again, and the view out the windshield levels off, the driver's likely giggling like a lunatic. ...

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    NHTSA announces 2009 fatalities lowest since 1954, continue downward trend

    Safety doesn't sell cars. At least that's what Detroit executives walked around saying back in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. The whole of them were convinced that if you even mentioned the word "safety" in a marketing campaign it would imply that cars were unsafe. In fact, it took a crusader like ...

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    Auto Lexicon: Top 5 four-wheeled metaphors

    Here's a fun column we came across talking about cars as metaphors. Kind of like referring to something as the "Rolls-Royce" of its industry means it's the best (or most expensive, perhaps). The writer, Miss Cellania, lists five vehicles that rightly or wrongly have come to be symbols of the worst ...

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    VIDEO: Corvair to Nader: Kiss my unsafe quarter panel!

    YouTube serves up another cool video. Corvairs are hella cool, and they were tarred and feathered out of existence by zealots. They were no worse than other cars on the road at the time, but they were picked up as all that was wrong with motoring safety by Ralph Nader. Cars in in the late '50s when ...

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    Corvair History 101: The Ultra Van

    Here's a totally different flavor of Corvair that wasn't mentioned in our recent Reader Ride feature. The Ultra Van is a true Corvair, according to the Corvair Society of America (CORSA), even though it didn't roll off a GM assembly line. The Ultra Van is more akin to a cabin cruiser on the inside ...

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    RR of the Day - 1965 Corvair Corsa turbo convertible

    The Corvair was GM's Porsche 911, but better, at least in some ways.. Debuting in 1960, the Corvair seemed totally out of left field from GM. It featured an air-cooled, horizontally-opposed powerplant mounted in the rear and a notorious swing-axle suspension (it was no more dangerous than its ...


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