Corvair Autocross: Awesomely thrilling at any speed

Behold, Corvair handling! The first time you decide to autocross a forward-control Corvair, this lifted-wheel, heavy-leaning posture must be positively terrifying. When all four wheels find pavement again, and the view out the windshield levels off, the driver's likely giggling like a lunatic. Something that amusing obviously calls for another run through the cones.
Here's the interesting part: Apparently, the stance looks worse than it is. The rear tire that's left on the ground slides in a benign fashion as a result of the the side-loading, correcting the lifted-leg.

It's got all the components of summer fun: A vehicle that's absurd to autocross in the first place, tripod posture, and an element of danger The photo of this dancing Greenbrier comes from Tom Hughes, who covered the 2010 CORSA convention at his Corvair Fleet Management blog. Corvair owners are an enthusiastic bunch, and more shots of the autocross, including the expected Monzas and Spyders, are at Scott Trunkhill's gallery.

If this is how they handle on the track, we expect great amusement from Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer's LeMons entry.

[Source: Corvair Fleet Management via Hemmings]

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