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    Breaking: GM and UAW reach tentative labor agreement [UPDATED]

    Contract negotiations between General Motors and the United Auto Workers have led to a tentative agreement on a new labor deal, pending ratification by membership. Specifics of the four-year contract, agreed upon last night at around 11:00 PM, have not been released, but in an official ...

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    Rally 'round the family: Ford backs up Chrysler's "weak" assessment of new CAW contract

    GM just ratified an agreement with the Canadian Auto Workers union, and as soon as it did, Chrysler blasted it for being "weak." Chrysler's complaint was that the CAW didn't offer enough concessions to bring production costs into line with market realities. Now Ford has piped up in Chrysler's ...

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    UAW will deal with GM first in negotiations

    GM has been chosen as the lead company in the UAW contract renegotiation talks. That means that the UAW will come to a contractual agreement with GM first, and that contract will be used as the template for negotiations with the other two carmakers, Chrysler and Ford. Of course, that also means ...

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    Stocking up: GM and Ford want to fund health care account with shares

    The Big Three automakers' massive pension liabilities are well known. To remove that burden, a fund called a VEBA -- voluntary employee beneficiary association -- has been mooted. Automakers would put an agreed upon sum into the VEBA, after which they would be free from further pension obligations. ...

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    Tower Automotive reaches deal with unions

    Just a few months ago, based on its threat to cancel union labor contracts, Tower Automotive appeared on the brink of a work stoppage - an event that would have halted a significant amount of North American vehicle production. Now we can all breath a bit easier, as the bankrupt supplier has reached ...

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    Delphi creditors look to void supply contracts with GM

    Adding another layer to the Delphi drama this week, the company's creditors went to court asking that the company be allowed to cancel its established supply contracts with GM, supporting Delphi's request from March. GM responded to the original filing by calling the move "blackmail", and ...


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