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    Video: Kawasaki ZX-10R lapping Nürburgring in 7m 50s is scary awesome

    By now, we've all grown a little callous to watching high-strung supercars prance their way around the Nürburgring. Nearly every manufacturer has taken it upon themselves to do battle with the infamous road course, and as a result, YouTube is choked with videos of physics-bending cars doing ...

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    Report: Today's scarce automotive supply? Tires

    Combine rising raw materials costs, reduced production capacity and manufacturing bottlenecks, and the result for the world of tires is this: not enough hoops to satisfy automaker demand. According to Automotive News, even before The Great Recession hit, a Bridgestone tire executive said that plant ...

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    Opinion: Ranking the automotive Super Bowl ads from best to worst [w/videos]

    Volkswagen and Chrysler lead

    Super Bowl XLV car ads – Click above to see the videos and their rankings after the jump
    The Super Bowl is a contest of advertisers as much as it is for two football teams seeking championship rings, the big trophy and bragging rights.
    The Super Bowl is one ...

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    Video: Bridgestone teases its two Super Bowl commercials

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Bridgestone paid big bucks for a pair of spots in the Super Bowl, and it appears the tire maker wants to maximize its bank for the buck. Instead of simply banking on the billion viewers of Super Bowl XLV enjoying its commercials, Bridgestone is ...

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    Rubber shortage triggering costlier tires?

    According to the man who runs the world's largest producer of natural rubber, demand for the gummy stuff will exceed supply for "at least another two years." The drop in production is said to be due to both droughts and heavy rains, but the result for you is an increase in the price of tires: both ...

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    Michelin considers returning to F1... with some conditions

    A tire war could be sparked in Formula One within a couple of seasons if Michelin gets what it wants. The French tire manufacturer ceased its participation in the sport after F1 moved to a single-supplier formula, selecting Bridgestone as its partner. But with Bridgestone set to leave at the end ...

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    Introduction to Ice Racing: Part 6 [w/video]


    You had to know it couldn't last forever. Most recently our Subaru ice racer was in action way up north in the wilds of Quebec, getting sideways on a frozen circuit. As it turns out, if we wanted to keep on racing we should have stayed up there. This form of motorsport needs frozen lakes ...

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    Introduction to Ice Racing: Part 2

    THE WHAT AND THE HOW It's time to delve a little further into the crazy, sideways world of ice racing – where grip is at a premium but the grins come cheap. In last week's first article in the series we gave you a little bit of information about the sport in general, or rather sports, and ...

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    Bridgestone to withdraw as official tire supplier of Formula One

    Bridgestone has participated in Formula One since 1997 and has acted as the sole official tire supplier to the entire series for the past two seasons. But at the end of next year, its contract with the FIA and Formula One Management will expire, and the Japanese rubber company has announced that ...

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    Reviewed: Bridgestone 3G RFT Tires take the shock out of run-flats

    Bridgestone 3G RFT Tires – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The BMW enters the massive skidpad at more than 100 mph and begins a sweeping right turn along a soldiered row of orange cones. On cue, a pneumatic device attached to the hub of the spinning left rear wheel instantaneously ...

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    VIDEO: Bridgestone Super Bowl spot stars Mr. Potato Head

    Super Bowl commercials always generate buzz, and this year, Hyundai's going to have company in the automotive sector. Bridgestone signed Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head for one of two commercials that will air during the big game, and a teaser video offers a tantalizing glimpse of what we'll be ...

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    Officially Official: Bridgestone signs exclusive deal with F1

    Japanese tire-maker Bridgestone has been supplying every team on the Formula One grid since rival rubber company Michelin pulled out of the sport at the end of the 2006 season. But whereas Bridgestone had gone through 2007 as the exclusive tire supplier by default, the ink has now dried on the ...

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    VIDEO: Bridgestone saves smitten suicidal puppies

    Man's best friend obviously isn't immune to the tragedies that afflict his master, and for one downtrodden dog, the sight of seeing his beloved toy poodle in the throes of, ahem, passion beneath the rotund proportions of an English bulldog was just too much. But when he decides to end it all ...

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    Champ Car teams receive new Panoz chassis

    American motor racing has been steadily moving towards "Spec", that is, each team racing the same car with the same engine and other components. The Indy Racing League runs Dallara chassis powered by Honda engines. (Although NASCAR technically uses a few different cars with different engines from ...

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    F1 scandal? Michelin to Bridgestone: j'accuse!

    The bizarre goings-on in the wake of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, which have included accusations (since withdrawn) of the FIA effectively "fixing" the world championship, took another twist this week, as French tire maker Michelin suggested that Bridgestone was using illegal chemical ...

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    Microsoft to run Formula 1 in 2008!

    As the FIA prepares Max Mosley's more restrictive Formula 1 rules package for its 2008 debut, its World Motor Sport Council has decided that Microsoft (Yes, that Microsoft. Really.) will be the official supplier of engine control units under the new rules, which go into effect for the 2008 ...

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    Goodyear blows out 1,500 jobs, shutters European plants

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber has announced plans to slash 1,500 jobs in an effort to save $50 million dollars. The world's largest tire company will reach those goals in part by shuttering plants in Britain and Poland. Part of its restructuring efforts that began last September, the manufacturer ...

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    Bridgestone-Firestone criticized for ordering workers to cease charity drive

    According to, Bridgestone-Firestone employees at the company's LaVergne, Tennesee plant have been ordered to stop collecting donations at the factory's gate for struggling rubber workers in Africa. The charity drive was intended to help the company's own employees who work in ...


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