Nissan Versa Sedan in blue with fall leaves
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AAA's Cost-Per-Point Top Green Cars

According to AAA, the very best green car that you can buy in 2015 is, not surprisingly, the Tesla Model S P85D. But that's an awfully expensive proposition, with its $120,000 starting price putting it way out of reach for most new car shoppers.

Since we've established that most of us, sadly, are in no position to park a brand-new Tesla in our garages, that means we probably need to look elsewhere if we have any hope of driving a relatively affordable car that doesn't make too hard a dent in the environment.

The team from AAA have put together a helpful list of cars that can help you make a car-buying decision that is responsible both fiscally and environmentally. Click on the image above for a list of AAA's Top Green Cars when scored on a Cost-Per-Point basis.
2014 Kia Soul in green in the city
  • Image Credit: Kia

Kia Soul Plus

Sticker Price: $14,900 - $20,500
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg City, 30 mpg Highway

AAA Cost Per Point Score: $276

The Kia Soul is a trendy five-door "urban crossover vehicle" based on the Kia Rio. The styling, standard equipment, value price, and overall usefulness, all contribute to make the Soul very appealing, especially to the youth market.

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2014 Toyota Yaris in red at the ocean
  • Image Credit: Toyota

Toyota Yaris LE

Sticker Price: $14,430 - $16,540
Fuel Economy: 30 mpg City, 37 mpg Highway

AAA Cost Per Point Score: $273

The Toyota Yaris combines a well-tailored, roomy interior with agile performance and a fuel efficient engine in an entry-level car.

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2014 Hyundai Accent in silver in a tunnel
  • Image Credit: Hyundai

Hyundai Accent GLS

Sticker Price: $14,645 - $16,395
Fuel Economy: 27 mpg City, 38 mpg Highway

AAA Cost Per Point Score: $269

The Hyundai Accent sedan and hatchback are exceptional economy cars that offer attractive looks and outstanding value in a price-sensitive market segment.

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2014 Nissan Versa Note in blue
  • Image Credit: Wieck

Nissan Versa Note SV

Sticker Price: $13,990 - $15,990
Fuel Economy: 27 mpg City, 36 mpg Highway

AAA Cost Per Point Score: $260

The Versa Note fills the 5-door hatchback slot in Nissan's line-up and brings sharp styling and unique technologies to the sub-compact class.

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2014 Nissan Versa sedan in blue
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Nissan Versa SV

Sticker Price: $11,990 - $16,890
Fuel Economy: 27 mpg City, 36 mpg Highway

AAA Cost Per Point Score: $249

The Versa is Nissan's entry-level car with the intention of attracting economy-minded buyers with its mileage, price and larger size than most other vehicles in its class.

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