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Tesla drops mid-range Model 3 battery option

It might not be that necessary now that the entry model is available

Fluoride discovery could lead to much longer-lasting EV batteries

Cells using it would have much lower environmental impact

Cells using it would have much lower environmental impact.

Renault invests in sailing ships to reduce its carbon footprint

French automaker wants to reduce carbon footprint with age-old tech

Renault is taking a page from the golden age of sailing as the company looks towards reducing its carbon footprint through the use of cargo sailing ships.

Clear for takeoff: Distiller's vodka-fueled motorcycle sets land-speed record

Raise a glass to Missoula couple's ingenuity

Raise a glass to Missoula couple's ingenuity.

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Robocar resurrection: Could self-driving car someday simulate Senna?

Programmers dream of replicating driving styles of racing legends

Programmers dream of replicating driving styles of racing legends.

First Drive
2018 Nissan Leaf First Drive Review | Electric power to the people

Sleeker look, more power, greater range highlight the popular EV.

2019 Nissan Leaf EV offers more power, better looks and less noise.

London mayor wants zero-emissions transport system by 2050

First step: a "zero emission zone" in central London by 2025,

Gogoro and Bosch launch electric scooter-sharing service in Paris

The companies will have 600 Smartscooters available for rent in the City of Lights.

The scooters use swappable batteries to eliminate waiting for a charge.

The first EV showcase opens in Oregon

It's meant to do what the manufacturers sometimes don't: Promote electric cars.

Less stressful than a taxi: We ride in Hyundai's Autonomous Ioniq Electric

We ride in Hyundai's self-driving Ioniq EV and find it to be pretty normal, which is a good thing. The car ran no red lights and did nothing unexpected.

Hyundai's next fuel cell SUVs have a reported range of 348 miles

Hyundai's next line of fuel cell SUVs will have a range of 348 miles, besting the current Hyundai Tucson by 30 percent.

Faraday Future delays EV production plant in Nevada

"It will be a long while before there is a production car. If CES goes badly, it's all over."

Maserati's electric Alfieri two-seater coming in 2020

A gas-powered Alfieri comes in 2019; electric follows a year later.

October green car sales: The that's-more-like-it edition [UPDATE]

Blue Oval numbers may change results for last month's hybrid, plug-in sales.

GM, Nissan and Tesla gains are offset by Toyota's hybrid-sales declines in October.

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2017 Mini Countryman is even bigger and now has a plug-in model

New Cooper S E Countryman promises 24 miles of EV range.

It's like a miniature (no pun intended) BMW X5 xDrive40e.

2018 Chevy Equinox gains turbo power and an optional diesel

A handsome new body is paired with high-tech options and efficient engines.

The dowdy old Equinox is gone, replaced by a sleek new crossover that gets up to 40 mpg on the highway.

Elon Musk to show SolarCity rooftop panels October 28th

The SolarCity event is planned for the San Francisco Bay area, but timing might change.

The vertical integration continues. Get it?

Shell may launch a UK EV charging network in 2017

It's 'examining the potential' for a small roll-out next year.

Who needs gas stations?

Jaguar wants to become the British electric company

From racing to crossovers, Jag is juiced for EVs.

Jaguar as an electric leader? It's no longer a leap.

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