Nissan Frontier

The Right-Sized Truck Shows Its Age Sometime during the mid '90s, the Big Three stepped up the fullsize truck arms race in a serious way. While Chrysler, Ford and General Motors had always fought tooth and nail for every last possible customer, suddenly trucks began evolving into more than...

- Reviewed by Zach Bowman


2015 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $17,990 - $35,260
2014 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $17,990 - $34,410
2013 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $17,990 - $33,790
2012 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $19,260 - $32,990
2011 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $18,200 - $32,080
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2014 Nissan Frontier Diesel Mule [w/poll]

Intriguing Engineering Exercise Might Portend 2019 Production Model

Last August, Nissan shook the truck world when it officially announced plans to source a diesel option from Cummins for its long-overdue Titan replacement, its full-size pickup that's slated to drop this January at the Detroit Auto Show. The 5.0-liter V8 turbodiesel is expected to make somewhere around 300 horsepower and north of 500 pound-feet of torque. This combination of an all-new truck with this new powerplant promises to dramatically change the competitive landscape, splitting the differe

For Sale

2013 Nissan Frontier
$24,899 / 27,009 miles / WA
2005 Nissan Frontier
$15,000 / 140,256 miles / WA
2005 Nissan Frontier
$14,988 / 103,878 miles / WA
"Typical trucklike bounding and jiggle over bumps is quickly quelled.
Nissan of The Eastside
11815 NE 8th St Bellevue, 32469 7.0 miles
Aurora Nissan
14005 Aurora Ave N Seattle, 32597 8.2 miles
Bellevue Nissan Service
13551 SE 27th Pl Bellevue, 32469 8.2 miles