Nissan Frontier

The Right-Sized Truck Shows Its Age Sometime during the mid '90s, the Big Three stepped up the fullsize truck arms race in a serious way. While Chrysler, Ford and General Motors had always fought tooth and nail for every last possible customer, suddenly trucks began evolving into more than…

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2015 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $17,990 - $35,260
2014 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $17,990 - $34,410
2013 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $17,990 - $33,790
2012 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $19,260 - $32,990
2011 Nissan Frontier
MSRP: $18,200 - $32,080
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2014 Nissan Frontier Diesel Mule [w/poll]

Intriguing Engineering Exercise Might Portend 2019 Production Model

Last August, Nissan shook the truck world when it officially announced plans to source a diesel option from Cummins for its long-overdue Titan replacement, its full-size pickup that's slated to drop this January at the Detroit Auto Show. The 5.0-liter V8 turbodiesel is expected to make somewhere around 300 horsepower and north of 500 pound-feet of torque. This combination of an all-new truck with this new powerplant promises to dramatically change the competitive landscape, splitting the differe

For Sale

2014 Nissan Frontier
$26,295 / 15,433 miles / MD
2014 Nissan Frontier
$26,493 / 13,127 miles / PA
2011 Nissan Frontier
$23,292 / 65,732 miles / VA
"Typical trucklike bounding and jiggle over bumps is quickly quelled.
Brown's Sterling Nissan
45125 Towlern Pl Sterling, 20166 3.0 miles
Brown's Sterling Nissan
45155 Towlern Pl Sterling, 20166 3.0 miles
Nissan Motor Corp
45190 Prologis Plz Sterling, 20166 4.0 miles