Lotus Esprit

2004 Lotus Esprit
MSRP: $90,825 - $90,825
2003 Lotus Esprit
MSRP: $90,825 - $90,825
2002 Lotus Esprit
MSRP: $88,525 - $88,525
2001 Lotus Esprit
MSRP: $86,125 - $86,125
Miami real estate investor selling world's largest collection of Bond cars

In 2011 Miami real estate investor Michael Dezer bought dozens of cars used in the James Bond films from the Bond Museum in Keswick, England. Since then, he's added to the trove which now stands at 59 cars, as well as motorcycles, boats, jetskis, tanks and thousands of photos, posters and memorabilia. It is the largest collection of 007 cars in the world, and Dezer has put it up for sale for 20 million pounds ($33.25M US) - the caveat is that you have to buy the entire collection.
Watch the Lotus Esprit evolve from 1976 to 2004

Seeing a model as long-lived as the Lotus Esprit evolve over time generally requires some clever photography or graphical work, kind of like this. This video doesn't require any of that trickery, though, because it features every single model year of Espirt in one glorious row of awesome British cars.

For Sale

1979 Lotus Esprit
$29,990 / 13,313 miles / VA