Lincoln MKT

2010 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost AWD – Click above for high-res image gallery Approaching the 2010 Lincoln MKT for the first time is like meeting a blind date. You've been told by friends she has a good personality, which immediately has you wondering what she looks like. From a distance you see y...

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2015 Lincoln MKT
MSRP: $43,210 - $45,205
2014 Lincoln MKT
MSRP: $43,050 - $45,045
2013 Lincoln MKT
MSRP: $45,285 - $47,280
Lincoln's $5B revival bid hinges upon new D6 chassis

It's no secret that Lincoln has received short shrift from the Ford Motor Company for years, and former CEO Alan Mullay even wanted to kill the whole thing off when he ran things. Today, things appear to be trending in a different direction. Fresh investment has helped enable a sizable marketing push for its well-regarded MKC compact crossover, a couple of awards for the company and plant the seeds for a major expansion into China. While the situation is still in the early going, it looks like L
Ford recalls 83k Taurus and crossover models for halfshaft issue

Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have issued a recall for some 83,250 vehicles in the US, for an issue with halfshafts. More specifically a "halfshaft retention circlip" might not have been properly installed on affected vehicles, with the result being halfshafts that may move improperly or disengage completely from the linkshaft while driving. The NHTSA release also notes that the issue may occur "without prior warning" which obviously factors in to the timeliness of
Ford issues six recalls covering 101,000 vehicles for multiple issues

Ford is announcing six separate recalls for a variety of issues affecting a dozen models and a total of 100,610 vehicles in North America. However, according to Ford spokesperson Kelli Felker, "None of them have caused accidents or injuries." Half of them cover fewer than 1,000 cars.

For Sale

2010 Lincoln MKT
$28,999 / 37,754 miles / WA
Lincoln Bay
1000 2nd Ave Ste 1900 Seattle, 32568 0.4 miles
Lincoln Towing
Seattle, 32597 0.5 miles
Lincoln Financial Group
1200 Westlake Ave N Seattle, 32573 1.3 miles