Honda CR-Z

Honda invited us to its Southern California North American headquarters last week to take a spin in a very special CR-Z – one modified with a full complement of Honda Performance Development (HPD) components. While the company has been racing with HPD parts for years, this is the first time…


2015 Honda CR-Z - 2dr Hatchback (Base)
2dr Hatchback (Base)
31 City / 38 HWY
2015 Honda CR-Z - 2dr Hatchback (EX)
2dr Hatchback (EX)
31 City / 38 HWY
Old Car or New Car? 1993 Chevy Camaro vs 2015 Honda CR-Z

A Battle Royale Between A Clinton-Era Muscle Car And A Sporty Obama-Era Hybrid

Two very different 4,000-mile cars come up for auction and sell for similar money. With no other options, which one would you go for?
Honda CR-Z refresh coming this fall

Honda is trying to keep the CR-Z vibrant in Japan with updated styling and improved technology for the interior. The tweaks hit the US version later this year.
Honda CR-Z will run Pikes Peak with full-EV power

Honda is hitting the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in this experimental CR-Z with an electric powertrain driving and steering all four wheels up the twisting mountain route.

For Sale

2014 Honda CR-Z
$17,399 / 16,181 miles / CA
2011 Honda CR-Z
$10,999 / 44,780 miles / CA
2011 Honda CR-Z
$5,981 / 159,610 miles / CA
Honda and Mugen develop widebody twin-turbo V6 CR-Z... for racing [w/video]

Honda has announced that it's working with M-TEC and Team Mugen on a CR-Z GT that will campaign in the GT300 category of Japan's Super GT championship. The racing hybrid uses a 2.8-liter, twin turbo V6 paired with a specially developed hybrid system, and it will enter its first race at this month's SUGO GT round on July 28-29.
Honda CR-Z carbon-fiber prototype
Honda has been toying with the carbon fiber as a way of reducing weight, even in a mass-market hybrid like the CR-Z.
2014 Honda HPD CR-Z
Honda allowed us behind the wheel for a Quick Spin of an HPD-equipped CR-Z hybrid.
Honda recalling 86,000 units for fire, rollaway concerns

It has been a tough year for recalls at Honda. Just last month, the automaker recalled 1.51 million vehicles in the U.S. for an engine stall issue. In May Honda recalled another 833,000 vehicles for an airbag issue.