Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 integrates F1-racing technology into its powertrain, suspension, chassis and body aerodynamics to bring racing performance to the road. The Scuderia is a lighter-weight and more powerful version of the F430 coupe that allows the serious enthusiast to compete on the track and on the…


2009 Ferrari F430
MSRP: $186,925 - $281,618
2008 Ferrari F430
MSRP: $186,925 - $277,456
2007 Ferrari F430
MSRP: $173,079 - $211,525
2006 Ferrari F430
MSRP: $168,005 - $202,349
2005 Ferrari F430
MSRP: $170,045 - $198,667
Unplugged Performance, BBS offering flashy 21-inch Model S wheel upgrade

Owners of the Tesla Model S love their cars. They love the emissions-free driving, the luxury and technology, range, looks and especially, it seems, the performance. The Model S isn't just clean, it's fast and fun. Now, Tesla owners looking to give their baby some hot shoes have an enticing new option, as Unplugged Performance has announced a set of 21-inch BBS wheels specific to the Model S.
Ferrari-driving kid's parents charged by Indian police [w/video]

Earlier this month, we reported on a video that was circulating the internet which showed a young boy driving a Ferrari F430 on a street in India while other children watched and two adults recorded the whole thing. And that was all that we knew at the time. Now, there is more information about the car, the kids and their parents thanks to an article in the Daily Mail. As it turns out, a wealthy businessman let his son drive the Ferrari as a present for his ninth birthday and recorded the whole
In Detail: Epic Torq EV Roadster

We've covered Epic Electric Vehicles before. From their plug-in ski boat, to their emissions-free ATV, Epic seems to offer a vehicle for almost any terrain. Their third installment takes on the open road in open air style: the three-wheeled Epic Torq roadster EV.

For Sale

2008 Ferrari F430
$219,000 / 1,786 miles / NJ
"The F430 possesses responses that make every other car on the road seem dull and flavorless.