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Commodore GTS-R W1 could get the supercharged LS9.

The last HSV-branded Commodore is poised to be the greatest one ever.


BYD expands its US factory; German states sue VW.

Toyota says recall is unrelated to Takata. Peugueot expands lineup with 28-mph pedelec. BYD moves onto Phase 2 expansion in CA. VW gets sued by German states.


By the end of 2016, GM will be 4 percent of the way there.

The company has made progress. A little, tiny bit of progress.


Maybe if the midsize pickup market gets big enough, we could see a new Ranger and Frontier.


Is the new paint facility really a new assembly line? Let's speculate!

We read it on the internet, so it must be true.


The American home of the automobile doesn't want to get left behind in the self-driving race.

Michigan senate unanimously approves unrestricted use of autonomous vehicles.

Striking is how workers demand humane treatment and a seat at the table with management. Some have been large enough to change the landscape of America.


Parts of the factory were closed off for two days, a worker said.

One worker reported seeing drug-sniffing dogs and men in hazardous material suits investigating the areas the powder was found in.


Samsung will build an EV battery factory in Hungary.

Samsung to supply Europe from a new battery factory in Hungary. New bill expands HOV stickers for PHEVs, but not for BEVs. How does Tesla wring performance from its new battery?

Did you think all the six-figure automobiles were made in Europe? Think again, because some of the most expensive are made right here in America.


The aging platform will spawn a midsize sedan, an SUV, and an MPV.

If BAIC is half as successful at using old Mercedes-Benz parts as FCA has been, we wonder if we'll be hearing about a Chinese Hellcat in a few years.


LG reached a six-year agreement last year to be a parts supplier for the Bolt.

South Korea-based LG preps to make about a dozen parts for the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles.


LeEco's EV factory near the Chinese city of Huzhou would pump out 400,000 EVs per year.


Police described this as an "isolated" incident.

Ford and the UAW are cooperating with local authorities following the shooting of an employee at one of the company's largest and most important factories this morning.


For now, all Nissan will say is that the rumors are 'speculation.'

Nissan - AESC = ???


Wanxiang's plug-in vehicle plans include selling two models in 8 US cities.

Cool concept vehicles never die, apparently.


It's now on the low end of previous estimates, but the delivery schedule stands.

This is Tesla's 13th straight quarterly loss.


China's GAC Motor launches new plug-in hybrid with factory completion.

Green Commuter combines Tesla Model X vanpooling and carsharing in LA. Iran Khodro and LG Chem partner on EVs. GAC launches the GA3S PHEV.


With Impreza production an a three-row crossover on the way, this is just the start.


Tesla opening two 20-stall Supercharger stations; 91% of automotive aluminum is recycled.

Cezeta is reborn with an EV scooter. BMW unveils new updated Efficient Dynamics engines. Tesla is opening its biggest charging stations yet. Automotive aluminum recycling rates are high.

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