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The aging platform will spawn a midsize sedan, an SUV, and an MPV.

If BAIC is half as successful at using old Mercedes-Benz parts as FCA has been, we wonder if we'll be hearing about a Chinese Hellcat in a few years.


LG reached a six-year agreement last year to be a parts supplier for the Bolt.

South Korea-based LG preps to make about a dozen parts for the Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles.


LeEco's EV factory near the Chinese city of Huzhou would pump out 400,000 EVs per year.


Police described this as an "isolated" incident.

Ford and the UAW are cooperating with local authorities following the shooting of an employee at one of the company's largest and most important factories this morning.


For now, all Nissan will say is that the rumors are 'speculation.'

Nissan - AESC = ???


Wanxiang's plug-in vehicle plans include selling two models in 8 US cities.

Cool concept vehicles never die, apparently.


It's now on the low end of previous estimates, but the delivery schedule stands.

This is Tesla's 13th straight quarterly loss.


China's GAC Motor launches new plug-in hybrid with factory completion.

Green Commuter combines Tesla Model X vanpooling and carsharing in LA. Iran Khodro and LG Chem partner on EVs. GAC launches the GA3S PHEV.


With Impreza production an a three-row crossover on the way, this is just the start.


Tesla opening two 20-stall Supercharger stations; 91% of automotive aluminum is recycled.

Cezeta is reborn with an EV scooter. BMW unveils new updated Efficient Dynamics engines. Tesla is opening its biggest charging stations yet. Automotive aluminum recycling rates are high.


The new platform will underpin flagship vehicles.

Altair's involvement is shrouded in mystery.


Tesla's first battery packs from the plant will be for energy storage, then for vehicles.

So much news, and the event hasn't even happened yet.


Also, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies could bring augmented windows to Deutsche Bahn.

One way to get beyond Brogan BamBrogan's departure is to make sparks fly.


C3 Ventures wants to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

An unlikely solution presents itself to the massive piles of trash generated by the Flint Water Crisis.


Tesla Powerwalls to power sustainable Melbourne suburb.

YarraBend is a planned, sustainable suburb of Melbourne. Tesla Allterrain pickup concept designed by former intern. GM Orion Assembly is US's eighth largest onsite green energy user.


UAW President Dennis Williams is hoping a new agreement would foster stronger unions in Mexico.

Williams claims Clinton told him she'd renegotiate the still controversial trade agreement signed into law by her husband way back in 1993.


FCA is loading up on Rams as the Chrysler 200 exits the scene.


Last DB9s are ready for final inspection.


Nonprofit group still needs about $60 million for the project.

Willow Run plant, which was more recently operated by General Motors, may be redeveloped for auto testing.


VW reportedly considering Tennessee or Mexico for EV production.

Nothing says 'diesel? What diesel?' like building EVs in the US.


Samsung buys $449M stake in BYD.

Tesla hacker Jason Hughes is building his own EV with parts from Tesla and Chevy. BMW is considering building a battery plant in Thailand. The amount of Samsung's BYD investment has been revealed.

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