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The panelists will advise Trump on job creation and economic policy.

Despite criticism of the auto industry, Trump is seeking advice and expertise from the private sector.


Nikola CEO: 'This truck will come to market, I promise you that.'

The real test will come down the road.


Promises include 2,000 jobs and 1,000 horsepower.

Yes, that range would set a new record.


The 718 Boxster is in line to get electrified, as well.

The company hopes its first EV will be a huge hit.


"It will be a long while before there is a production car. If CES goes badly, it's all over."


Wide-ranging look at the future includes lots of talk about EVs, profits.

It's all in the name of "Volkswagen: Moving People Forward."


DOE ordered to turn over confidential Fisker documents.

Mueller says a VW battery factory "makes sense." US voters want transportation initiatives. The DOE must turn over secret documents to lawyers in a case against Fisker.


We don't know how many jobs will be lost in North America yet.

Volkswagen's way forward lies in electric vehicles and mobility services, and these segments will be boosted by 9,000 new jobs in Germany.


Lincoln MKC production won't move to Mexico, but that's not necessarily good news.


New frame, new safety system make an appearance.

Similar on the outside, different on the inside.


Tesla reduces Powerpack pricing by another 10 percent.

Tesla's large-scale energy storage gets even cheaper. Model X interior color bundles will help stremline production. Treehugger reviews Blix Bike Vika+ folding e-bike.


The electric car start-up has been tens of millions behind.

Construction company AECOM says the factory's foundations have been prepared.


With one fell swoop, the South Korean giant takes hold of a great chunk of tech.

The purchase is the largest ever overseas deal by a South Korean company.


But $900m will be pouring into three other GM plants.

The plans affect GM's plant in Lansing, MI and Lordstown, OH.


F1 know-how has left Elon Musk impressed, Brexit a non-issue

Musk also says Tesla is planning to build gigafactories in Europe at the earliest convenience.


A 378 cubic inch engine will be available in naturally aspirated and supercharged forms.

How does a new Cobra sound? Mean.


Every Ferrari will be a hybrid starting in 2019, says Marchionne.

Full steam, or rather electricity, ahead as Ferrari looks towards hybridization.


Grohmann Engineering becomes Tesla Advanced Automation Germany

It's Elon's first big buy for Tesla.


Ford Carr-E is for last-mile mobility; Proterra EV buses hit Chicago roads.

Chevy can switch between Bolt and Sonic production. VW approved for 1.6 TDI recalls. JLL uses Proterra buses for shuttles. Ford employee designs Carr-E for last-mile mobility.


Move lets Ram target low-cost fleet users without sacrificing retail capacity.

So, you know, don't feel like you need to rush out and buy one.


Bremen, Germany plant makes PHEVs today, will soon make the EQ a reality.

Job One due by 2020.

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