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If you happen to have an extra $3 million to spend on a supercar for the race track, we envy you. We're also jealous that you get to choose your own livery.


Colas's Material Is A Quarter-Inch Thick, Can Stand Up To Truck Traffic

France's Colas says each kilometer along the "Wattway" can power 5,000 homes.


A worker was killed after falling into a pit used to store coke at a GM foundry in Ohio. OSHA will investigate. The facility produces parts for V6 and V8 engines.


Student-Led Transit Authority Chooses Proterra Electric Buses

GM and LG have an unusual collaboration over Chevy Bolt. Three Honda plants earn Energy Star certifications. University of Montana gets two Proterra electric buses.


Assembly Will Stop For A Week

Toyota will suspend all auto production in Japan for a week because of a steel shortage.


Since sanctions related to Iran's nuclear program have been lifted, Peugeot is jumping at the opportunity to return to a very important market.


The Reason Lies Under The Hood

Thanks to government approval of greener cars, GM will build the Cadillac CT6 PHEV in China. Mostly so that it can build the standard version there.


A Continuous Line Stretching Back 68 Years Ends Today

Starting with the Series I, the rugged post-war off-roader that slowly evolved into the Defender of today, these trucks have been in production for 68 years. All that ends today.


The DeLorean is making a comeback thanks to a piece of legislation known as the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act.


UK Funds $57M In EV Initiatives; Half Of Ford Energi Vehicles' Miles Are Electric

Toyota explains what makes the new Prius more efficient. The UK is funding more green car initiatives. Tesla is looking for a site for a plant in China. Ford drivers have logged 610 million electric miles since 2011.


Winter Storm Jonas' massive snowfall made the weekend rough for the auto industry by closing factories and keeping buyers out of dealers.


The production version of the Audi E-Tron Quattro concept electric crossover will begin assembly in Brussels, Belgium, in 2018.


EverCharge, Schneider Electric Partner On Multi-Tenant Charging Stations

Hyundai's Korea station fuels EVs and hydrogen cars. EverCharge and Schneider Electric will provide charging to multi-tenant buildings. Nissan will build the next-gen Leaf battery at its UK plant.


EU Commissioner Tells VW To Compensate European TDI Owners

Elzbieta Bienkowska says VW should do in Europe what it did in the US. Mercedes-Benz plans longer range for its EVs. Audi shuffles production to build its electric SUV in Brussels.


GM and Honda may take a major step forward in their shared development of hydrogen fuel cell technology by opening a joint factory.


Mazda North American Operations is moving to a new headquarters, only it's not leaving Southern California. In fact it's staying right at home in Irvine, where it first moved 30 years ago.


A previously rejected proposal to build a new plant in Macedonia is now reportedly back on the table after the local government offered Aston Martin better incentives to build the new DBX in the Balkan state.


WaPo Fact Checks Cruz On RFS

Replacing platinum catalysts makes fuel cells cheaper. Wired interviews Tesla's Diarmuid O'Connell during factory tour. The RFS doesn't "expire" in 2022, as Ted Cruz says.


Hyundai will shift some production of the Santa Fe Sport to its Alabama factory this summer to adjust to growing demand for the CUV.


Biodiesel Fraudster Gets 20 Years In Prison

Tesla's Autopilot update gets tested on video. Tesla might build a Gigafactory in south Africa Joseph Furando is sentenced to 20 years for biodiesel tax fraud.


Mitsubishi Motors will very likely close its factory in Normal, IL, later this year after failing to find another company in the auto market to take over its only manufacturing site in the US.

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