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Company more than doubles profit while overall auto sales resume torrid pace.

Ford posted record profits in the first quarter of 2016, the company announced Thursday. Chief financial officer Bob Shanks said Ford enjoyed its best quarterly performance in history, generating operating profits of $3.8 biliion and a record profit margin of 9.8 percent.


Volkswagen's 2.49 million global deliveries made the German company the world's largest automaker for Q1, but Toyota was a very close second place.


Uber drivers will continue as independent contractors rather than employees.

The 385,000 Uber drivers are from California and Massachusetts, and those driven more than 25,000 miles might get $8,000.


General Motors had record earnings during the first quarter of 2016. Transaction prices higher than the industry average in the US helped offset falling global sales.


Elon Musk has achieved half of the milestones at Tesla he needs to get full access to all of his stock options. If he reaches all of the company's goals, the boss stands to make $1.6 billion.


Cash payments aren't the only kind of dividends that Daimler shareholders have come to expect as a fight broke out between investors at the company's annual general meeting in Berlin.


Riversimple hopes to earn $2.27 million in a crowdfunded investment campaign to fund its Rasa hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Later, the company plans to offer them to customers for a fixed monthly fee, rather than selling the model.


BYD partners with other companies to create an 'EV ecosystem.'

BYD expects 150,000 sales in China in 2016, just launched two new all-electric sedans and has partnered with other companies to create an "EV ecosystem."


Tesla Motors wasn't the only car company to close out March with an upbeat sales report. Ford enjoyed its best-selling March in ten years, the company said Friday. Other automakers reported sales growth that topped already-historic levels. Trucks and SUVs continued to be hot sellers.


US oil exports down since ban lifted; autonomous car development thrives on campus.

Autonomous cars thrive on campus. US oil exports are down since the ban lifted. Tesla ships cars with natural gas. The Toyota Mirai sells in Norway and Sweden this summer.


MV Agusta's debt restructuring in Italy might open the company to a larger takeover by Mercedes-Benz, which already holds 25 percent of the bike maker.


Canada's budget seeks to clean up transportation.

Canada's 2016 budget plan sets aside cash for EV charging and public transit.


A German court didn't accept the stock manipulation allegations against Porsche's former CEO and CFO and acquitted them of the charges. Prosecutors first indicted them in 2012.


VWFS appoints Mobility Services Director; leasing companies responsible for more ULEVs.

Thomson Rivers University installs "Solar Compass." Tesla tour impresses analysts. Leasing companies use more plug-in cars. VWFS hires Mobility Services boss.


Institutional investors from all over the world have filed a $3.6 billion lawsuit against VW in Germany against the automaker for not disclosing info about the emissions scandal sooner.


Falling stock prices are giving the German automaker the birthday blues. Investors are worried about the company's future outlook against luxury rivals.


Takata scandal is a "heaven-sent opportunity" for Joyson, a Chinese company, to enter airbag market. It bought a US airbag maker in February.


Does Elio's OTC trading provide legitimacy?

Elio has begun selling shares on OTCQX. Does this prove it's not a scam?


Scott Speed will provide commentary during Mexico City ePrix

Tesla gives the Model X self-presenting doors in an update. Scott Speed fills in for Dario Franchitti. Elio Motors begins trading on OTCQX.


Takata might reduce its workforce in Europe and sell off some divisions to pay for potential recall expenses.


"You have to believe that there is a possibility that you will not necessarily go back above $100, you know, ever," said Ian Taylor, CEO of the world's largest independent oil trader.

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