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If you like trucks, or clocks, or clocks made of trucks this is the video for you.


Beware women drivers, they do their research.


And we see what it's like to own a motorcycle in New York City.

This is what it's like to be an automotive enthusiast in the Big Apple.


There's got to be a better way to avoid traffic, right?


An English DeLorean enthusiast was clocked doing 89 mph by police earlier this month and went to court to fight the charges.


Intense footage of what happens immediately after a car crash.


A video was released last week showing tractor trailers braving a flooded freeway in Louisiana to deliver their loads on time.


A video released last week shows a group of Maryland police officers rushing toward a burning car to rescue the people trapped inside.


A Texas man escaped a nasty situation when his Toyota SUV got hung up in some safety wires after plunging from the roof of a parking structure this past weekend.


Police say this crash just doesn't make cents.

Commuters around New Castle, Delaware got a nasty surprise this morning when they discovered northbound I-95 was closed due to a truck crash that buried the freeway in pennies.


Melissa Cefkin, the woman working to make Nissans more human, will speak at UPSHIFT.


AutoblogVR uses futuristic tech to highlight the past in these new episodes.

That will be the highest death toll for the holiday period since 2008.

The National Safety Council estimates that 438 people will be killed in car accidents in the United States over the Labor Day holiday period in 2016.


But remember, Labor Day is the worst for vehicle theft.

Fuel prices are climbing, but our Labor Day fuel prices are lower than they've been in over a decade and are 27 cents lower than this time last year.


A Newfoundland driver surrendered herself to Ottawa authorities and is facing numerous charges after being caught texting and driving in a viral video.


In the real world, those times don't apply

The methods used to achieve these numbers make them useless as a real-world comparison tool.


We've given up on driving.

Our fate is all but sealed. Perhaps the robots deserve to win.


However, there are things we can do to improve traffic in the meantime.

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