The Act And The Exclamation The 2013 BMW M6 is a rolling obscenity – one that begins with the capital letter "F." It is both the act and the exclamation, the curse and the encouragement. It courts no logic. It is all want and no need, and it is unbecoming of the BMW roundel. Whereas…

- Reviewed by Zach Bowman


2016 BMW M6
MSRP: $112,400 - $118,700
2015 BMW M6
MSRP: $111,900 - $118,200
2014 BMW M6
MSRP: $111,200 - $117,500
2013 BMW M6
MSRP: $108,350 - $114,650
2012 BMW M6
MSRP: $113,100 - $113,100
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BMW previews new M6 GT3 racing prototype [UPDATE]

BMW is preparing to roll out the new M6 GT3 to replace the long-serving Z4 in sports car racing series around the world, previewed here for the first time. Meanwhile interest is being gauged to potentially bring the smaller M235i Racing to North America as well.
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For Sale

2015 BMW M6
$132,045 / unknown miles / MD
2015 BMW M6
$131,110 / unknown miles / MD
2015 BMW M6
$121,999 / unknown miles / MD