The Act And The Exclamation The 2013 BMW M6 is a rolling obscenity – one that begins with the capital letter "F." It is both the act and the exclamation, the curse and the encouragement. It courts no logic. It is all want and no need, and it is unbecoming of the BMW roundel. Whereas...

- Reviewed by Zach Bowman


2015 BMW M6
MSRP: $111,900 - $118,200
2014 BMW M6
MSRP: $111,200 - $117,500
2013 BMW M6
MSRP: $108,350 - $114,650
Revised 2015 BMW 6 Series family shows its tweaked face to the world [w/video]

BMW is unwrapping refreshed versions of its luxurious 6 Series family for the 2015 model year, and the range features some styling tweaks inside and out, along with new standard tech.
Next BMW 6 Series, M6 to take aim at Porsche

Since BMW reintroduced the 6 Series line back in 2003, the big two-door has happily sat as the brand's de facto grand tourer. That will allegedly change come 2017, as Car is reporting that Munich will put its coupe on a diet with the so-called G15 generation, allowing the 6 to go after the likes of Porsche.
Hamann BMW M6 Mirror can now cash the checks its body writes

Anyone remember the Hamann Mirror? Need a refresher? The Mirror is German tuning company Hamann's idea of a BMW M6. It was shown at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show as an M6 Gran Coupe, sporting a ridiculous paint job and some meaty, multi-spoke 21-inch wheels.

For Sale

2015 BMW M6
$140,950 / 6 miles / WA
2015 BMW M6
$150,235 / 11 miles / WA
2015 BMW M6
$131,350 / 12 miles / WA
"Unlike regular 6ers, the M6 is equipped with hydraulic assist for the power steering.
BMW Seattle
714 Pine St Seattle, 32565 0.1 miles
BMW Seattle
714 E Pike St Seattle, 32586 0.5 miles
BMW Seattle
1002 Airport Way S Seattle, 32598 1.2 miles