BMW's all-new M3 Sedan is dynamically nearly identical to its two-door M4 Coupe sibling: a stopwatch reveals that both are sub-four-second cars to 60 miles per hour, a racetrack proves that the mechanical twins are equally as adept on a road course and a full afternoon of driving on public roads…

- Reviewed by Michael Harley


2015 BMW M3
MSRP: $62,000 - $62,000
2013 BMW M3
MSRP: $60,100 - $69,050
2012 BMW M3
MSRP: $60,100 - $68,750
2011 BMW M3
MSRP: $55,900 - $67,550
2010 BMW M3
MSRP: $55,400 - $67,050
What's driving the spike in air-cooled Porsche 911 prices

Speed Academy runs a piece looking at what's driving the skyrocketing prices of air-cooled Porsche 911s. One theory is that Joe-the-Plumber owners are valuing their own high-mileage daily drivers according to the bubble-like prices being asked for pristine, low-mileage examples.
BMW factors big in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation is coming to theaters this summer, starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin and a smattering of BMWs to provide the fast-paced action.
Watch this BMW take flight at Viru Rally

An E36 BMW 3 Series might be a good choice for a lot of purposes – a long road trip, a track day, rallycross, impressing your friends... but a full-on rally? It's rear-drive when the best rally machines are front- or all-wheel drive. But that didn't stop Pritt Koik and Alari-Uku Heldna from entering their stripped-out E36 in the Viru Rally in Estonia... or from getting some big air time when they did.

For Sale

2012 BMW M3
$48,195 / 21,655 miles / MD
2013 BMW M3
$58,136 / 3,185 miles / MD
2011 BMW M3
$43,890 / 28,095 miles / VA
"At almost any engine speed, the six presses the driver into his seat, and there's no taper to the power at high rpm.