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1 Million Miles In The Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell

With cheap prices and tax credits, some refiners use biodiesel for free. Infiniti is considering PHEVs and hybrids over BEVs. Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell drivers accumulate 1 million miles.


E20 Yields RCCI Benefits

The Tesla Model X does 0-100 mph in less than 8 seconds. Renault EV sales boost Alliance numbers as Nissan Leaf sales drop. E20 yields benefits in RCCI combustion.


Public Transport Ridership Dropped In First Half Of 2015

Senna and D'Ambrosio pay tribute to Fangio. Public transport ridership was down in 2015. Tesla Model X visor is described as "very fragile" by owner after breaking it.


Nomadic Power Sees Elon's Abandoned Idea As Confirmation

See the next-gen Chevy Volt with Apple Carplay. A single Supercharger makes a difference. Tesla toyed with the idea of mobile range extenders. Second-life batteries offer faster charging.


Student-Led Transit Authority Chooses Proterra Electric Buses

GM and LG have an unusual collaboration over Chevy Bolt. Three Honda plants earn Energy Star certifications. University of Montana gets two Proterra electric buses.


And Then Both Of Them To Gas Vehicles

UMTRI's paper weighs the merits of BEVs and FCEVs, and compares them to gasoline-powered cars.


Tesla Hires New Vice President Of Autopilot Hardware Engineering

Tesla will launch new version of the Powerwall this year. Tesla hires Jim Keller to lead Autopilot hardware. Tesla hides a "Ludicrous Speed" Easter egg in its website.


Hybrids Need To Train Drivers; Maryland Gets New Diesel Buses, Updates Hybrids

Elon Musk talks about the coming year. Germany considers EV incentives. Maryland cleans up its bus fleet. Hybrids could do more to improve eco-driving behavior.


Akon Loves Tesla, Solar; Kia Soul EV To Get More Range

An unofficial Tesla ad features a Nikola Tesla speech. Akon loves Tesla and solar power. Volkswagen will produce the Budd-e. The 2017 Kia Soul EV will get more range.


Tesla Supercharger Network 50 Percent Larger Than Last Year

CARB shows the equipment that busted VW. Tesla Canada removes the 85-kWh battery option. Tesla charging infrastructure grew by almost 50 percent in 11 months.


VW CEO Calls For Better Emissions Testing

Waivecar provides free, ad-supported EV driving. Matthias Mueller calls emissions discrepancies intolerable. Elio Motors launches a TV ad campaign.


UK Funds $57M In EV Initiatives; Half Of Ford Energi Vehicles' Miles Are Electric

Toyota explains what makes the new Prius more efficient. The UK is funding more green car initiatives. Tesla is looking for a site for a plant in China. Ford drivers have logged 610 million electric miles since 2011.


Tesla Model S Malaysian Road Trip

Nissan offers free Leaf charging in New York, Philadelphia and Santa Barbara. Ethanol ceases to follow gas prices any lower. Greentech Malaysia road trips in a Tesla Model S.


EverCharge, Schneider Electric Partner On Multi-Tenant Charging Stations

Hyundai's Korea station fuels EVs and hydrogen cars. EverCharge and Schneider Electric will provide charging to multi-tenant buildings. Nissan will build the next-gen Leaf battery at its UK plant.


EU Commissioner Tells VW To Compensate European TDI Owners

Elzbieta Bienkowska says VW should do in Europe what it did in the US. Mercedes-Benz plans longer range for its EVs. Audi shuffles production to build its electric SUV in Brussels.


Hybrid Cars explores the Chevy Bolt's battery cooling system and gearbox. Tesla plans major European expansion for its Supercharger network. National Biodiesel Board CEO Joe Jobe discusses renewable fuel in an interview.


PowerCell Sweden Recieves First Order For 100-kW Fuel Cell Stack

James Mardsen and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid take on lumberjacks in a new ad. See Telsarati's guide to Tesla Model X wheels and tires. The PowerCell S3 is a 100-kW hydrogen fuel cell stack from Sweden.


WaPo Fact Checks Cruz On RFS

Replacing platinum catalysts makes fuel cells cheaper. Wired interviews Tesla's Diarmuid O'Connell during factory tour. The RFS doesn't "expire" in 2022, as Ted Cruz says.


Andromeda Power Grant For Smart Charging; BYD EV Buses In Thailand

Teslarati reviews Tesla Firmware 7.1 without Autopilot and Model S front seat covers. Andromeda Power is developing a smart EV fast-charging system. Thailand gets its first BYD electric buses.


Renault at Formula E Paris ePrix; EV sales growing in Europe

Mary Barra says GM is not providing infrastructure for the Chevy Bolt. Teslarati provides Tesla Model X buying advice. Renault is a partner of the Formula E Paris ePrix. EV sales continue growth in Europe.


Renault Fluence ZE Is Korea's Bestselling EV; Mary Nichols Talks VW Scandal

KBB tests the Arcimoto SRK EV at CES. Mary Nichols tells VW it's "time to move on to EVs." The RSM SM3 ZE is South Korea's most popular EV. BAIC EV debuts i-Link and announces Detroit R&D center at CES.

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