The all-new 991 variant of the Porsche 911 has only been on sale for a few months, but renowned Porsche tuner Ruf is already hard at work applying its patented blend of power, handling and braking to the latest 911.

On hand at the Geneva Motor Show are two new 991-based Rufs, the Rt 35 Anniversary (green, above) and the RGT 8 (yellow). The Rt35 is a rolling celebration of Ruf's 35 years in business and beats Porsche to the punch by offering a twin turbo kit for the Carrera S, outputting 621 horsepower and an equally astounding 608 pound feet of torque through a standard seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Ruf isn't citing a 0-60 time, but claims the Rt35 tops out at a little over 205 mph.

The original RGT 8 debuted here in Geneva two years ago and shocked Porsche purists by packing a race-derived V8 where the flat-six would traditionally reside. This updated version based on the 991 uses a similar 4.5-liter V8 good for 543 hp and 368 lb-ft of twist, all routed through a proper six-speed manual gearbox.

Finally, Ruf has updated its flagship CTR 3 in a new Clubsport variant, with copious quantities of carbon fiber both inside and out and powered provided by a twin-turbo flat-six outputting 740 hp and 708 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed sequential gearbox puts the power down, further ensuring its status as a track machine that's barely suitable for a run to the corner store. Bonus Ruf porn in the video below.

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RUF at the Automobilsalon in Geneva 2012

RUF is proud to introduce its newest model, the RXL. An extended wheelbase version of the Porsche Panamera sedan, the RXL, features the iconic RUF 5-spoke, 22 inch alloy wheels and engine performance upgrades. As befitting any extended wheelbase luxury sedan, the RXL features extensive interior luxury upgrades to suit the client's tastes.

RUF will be presenting the new CTR 3 Clubsport. This new version of the CTR 3, the Clubsport model features significant styling enhancements in Carbon-Fibre over the current CTR 3.

The partially assembled CTR 3 on display allows you to view the technical innovations and engineering expertise that confirms the CTR 3's "DNA" as uniquely RUF.

With the introduction of the Porsche 991 platform, all RUF models based on the 911 will be built on the new platform and will carry over all Porsche 997 based enhancements and concepts.

In tribute to RUF's 35 years of history and success with Turbo engines, RUF introduces the Rt 35 Anniversary. An original 1977 RUF Turbo 3.3 will be on display to illustrate the origins of RUF's history and success with turbocharged engines.

The Coupé, with RUF styling cues of that era, has an upgraded engine that was mated to a RUF 5‑speed transmission. When combined they created unparalleled performance and maximum driving confidence.

The new generation RGT 8, based on the Porsche 991, with its RUF V8, will also be on display at Geneva.

RUF CTR 3 Clubsport
The styling of the CTR 3 evokes the mid-engine Le Mans Coupes of the 1950s. The new Clubsport package further plays on the classic 1950s styling cues with the addition of Carbon-Fibre enhancements to the fenders, door sills, rear deck lid and the roof mounted air-duct. The Clubsport package also features a functional rigid rear spoiler.

The partially assembled CTR 3 allows you to view this car's technical innovation.

The CTR 3's extraordinary performance make it RUF's flagship model.

Technical Data CTR 3

Power at 750ps /552kW @ 7100

Torque at 960 Nm @ 4000 1/min

Displacement: 3746 cm³

Transmission: 6-speed sequential

Top Speed: 370 km/h

Fuel consumption
Urban: 20 l/100 km
Non-urban: 9,9 l/100 km
Combined: 13,5 l/100 km

CO2 emissions: 311g/km

RUF Rt 35 Anniversary
The Rt 35 Anniversary is based on the Porsche 991. Its Turbo power-train is offered only in rear wheel drive. The engine produces 630 hp and is available with the PDK transmission ensuring outstanding performance and driver comfort. The name is derived from RUF's 35 year history and expertise with turbo-charged engines.

Displayed beside the Rt 35 Anniversary is the 1977 RUF Turbo 3.3. The 3.3 litre engine produced 303 hp and was mated to RUF's own 5‑speed transmission. This specific car was the original one tested by the German car magazine, Auto Motor and Sport. This car was bought back and restored by RUF Automobile.

Technical Data Rt 35 Anniversary

Power at 630ps/464kW @ 6500

Torque at825 Nm @ 3000 1/min

Displacement: 3800 cm³

Transmission: Double clutch gearbox

Top Speed: 330 km/h

Fuel consumption
Urban: 16,7 l/100 km
Non-urban: 8,2 l/100 km
Combined: 11,5 l/100 km

CO2 emissions: 268 g/km

The RGT 8, first introduced here at Geneva in 2010, is now available based on the new Porsche 991 platform. The RGT 8 features the "all RUF", naturally aspirated V8 that produces 550 hp. The flexibility of the V8 engine delivers extraordinary performance and a sound track that only a high‑revving, flat‑crank V8 can produce.

The V8 engine was inspired by racing technology and features hemispherically arranged valves, 180 degree "flat" crankshaft, dry sump lubrication and direct drive ancillaries eliminating all drive belts. The RGT 8 is available with only a six-speed manual transmission powering the rear wheels.

Technical Data RGT 8

Power at 550ps/405kW @ 8500

Torque at 500 Nm @ 4000 1/min

Displacement: 4499 cm³

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Top Speed: 318 km/h

Fuel consumption
Urban: 19,7 l/100 km
Non-urban: 9,8 l/100 km
Combined: 12,9 l/100 km

CO2 emissions: 298 g/km

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      Ruf has always been one of my favorites and that CTR 3 just hits all the right buttons for me. Beautiful.
      • 3 Years Ago
      a 991 Twin Turbo with 630HP and PDK, 1-2 years before Porsche comes up withtheir own version. that´s awesome!
      • 3 Years Ago
      This helps me believe even more there is no good way to punch a hole in the hip of a 911. In the factory Turbo, I am sure they could get the extra air in without punching a hole in the best part of the form.
        • 3 Years Ago
        I dunno. I think maybe behind the rear quarter window, a la Ferrari F355, might work. It doesn't detract too much from the looks. This is a Porsche 991 Turbo design I did up a little while ago with that look. It's a crummy photoshop, but at least it shows what I mean.
      • 3 Years Ago
      This needs to be in white, gray, red or yellow. With black wheels.
      • 3 Years Ago
      Fantastic! I wish they would update the awesome CTR3 with the newer Cayman/Boxter LED taillights, that's the only part of that car that's starting to look a little dated.
      • 3 Years Ago
      I wonder why they picked matte green wheels to contrast with the sparkling paint job. But this car is still ridiculously sexy.
      • 3 Years Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      Not sure about matte green splitter, diffuser, and wheels, but otherwise well done! I even like the random hole cut in the back fender (reminiscent of the NACA duct on the yellowbird). Ruf has always been the classiest Porsche tuner...
        • 3 Years Ago
        Ruf is a registered manufacturer you ****.
          • 3 Years Ago
          Yes indeed. If an AB article refers to them as a "fettler" or "tuner" one more time, they should have their proofreader fired. RUF is a manufacturer, the MSO states RUF GmBH and has a RUF vin number...NOT a TUNER!!!!!!!!
      • 3 Years Ago
      • 3 Years Ago
      I see a little bit of 959 in Ruf RT-35. Look at the 3rd pic from the left. The intake over rear-wheel arch is reminiscent of it. Maybe it's just me!
      • 3 Years Ago
      Mike Tramontano
      • 3 Years Ago
      love the green on that rt 35 !
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