Mini Coupe Spy Shots

We're inching ever closer to seeing the Mini Coupe in showrooms. The clipped Cooper is set to land on dealer lots as soon as this Autumn, and it looks like the company's engineers are hard at work ironing out the very last wrinkles in the platform. Our spy photographer commandos managed to click off a few photos of the most recent tester out and about wearing what must be nearly production-ready sheetmetal. If we were the betting types, we'd lay a shiny nickel on the vehicle you see here being all but identical to the final iteration.

In these photos, we can clearly see that the vehicle's retractable spoiler tucks cleanly into the trunk when not in use, though the somewhat awkward roof aero treatment is still sticking around. Up front, the Coupe wears the same corporate clothing as the Cooper line, and buyer should expect to find the same line of four-cylinder engines under the hood as well.

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[Source: CarPix]