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Don't you just hate it when video editors splice in soundtracks over the exhaust notes of the most menacing machines on four wheels? Lord knows we do. But sometimes they're worth watching anyway. Like in the case of the Mini Countryman which the X-Raid rally team is preparing for Dakar.

Easily the most awesome thing done with a Mini since The Italian Job, X-Raid has taken their damn-near-ready Mini rally raider to Le Creusot, an off-road test track at Saône-et-Loire in the Burgundy region of France. And despite the obnoxious French music, it looks like they had a good time doing it, too. Follow the jump to check it out for yourself – just turn down the volume at first. And as a special bonus, we've included additional high-resolution images in the gallery below for your desktop wallpapering pleasure.

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