• May 19th 2010 at 7:00PM
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Roewe 350 with Android – Click above for image gallery

With the Google I/O developer's conference going on and General Motor's spate of announcements about the future of OnStar and its Android-integrated smartphone app for the Chevrolet Volt, there's been a fair amount of virtual ink spilled over the search giant's mobile software and its integration into automobiles.

However, Roewe has taken the biggest leap yet and installed Android into its new 350 sedan.

The system, developed in conjunction with the Chinese automaker and Inkanet, employs a 3G internet connection through China Unicom to deliver everything from weather to stock market information, and connects to phones and other multimedia devices through either a cable or Bluetooth connection. As you'd expect, GPS and traffic data is integrated into the system, and users can make phone calls, along with sending and receiving emails and text messages. An on-screen QWERTY keyboard is incorporated into the custom user interface, and unlike some of the hack jobs we've seen on netbooks and vaporware tablets, it's actually an attractive implementation of the Android operating system.

The whole package will set Chinese consumers back around $600-900 when it arrives later this year, and includes 24 months of free service through China Unicom. Check the gallery below for a walk through of its features.

[Source: PCAuto via Thetycho]

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      boring boring boring, Chinese Unicorns!, boring boring boring

      oh... what's that you say? China Unicom? drat. it's all just boring.
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      *Waits for SimpleCar to jump in and start complaining.
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      Companies should make something with Iphones. Since is more easy to use than a Android.
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