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Google and the Chinese government are having a little row right now, but that hasn't stopped China's love for Google goods. The production lines for the Roewe 350 have started rolling out sedans, and the little four-door, designed as a sign of SAIC's automotive futur,e is certainly headed for hundreds of thousands of Chinese homes. In the process, it will employ Google's Android operating system, up until now only seen primarily on mobile phones and a handful of cheap PCs.

Android was developed from Linux, and is a highly customizable OS with a huge range of adaptability. In the Roewe 350, the Android interface running through the DVD system will give occupants web access and even online chatting, in addition to mundane things like real-time traffic. It's a neat choice to make, and with Android's app possibilities it might mean you could share information from car to car and skip the step of reading directions and other information from your phone. And if there's a virus... well, we won't worry about that just yet...

[Source: China Car Times]

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