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Car and Driver 1972 Pinto race car – click for high-res image gallery

Time was, automotive magazines used to do stuff that was awesome. This IMSA Pinto is evidence of that. Car and Driver built this car in 1974 to illustrate that racing on a big scale for a modest budget was possible. The car grabbed the pole position in half the races it entered that season and won outright at its second race at Charlotte. Surely more powerful than the emissions- and oil-crisis choked street Pintos of the day, this race car is better suited to road courses than hugging the wall at Talladega, but it's likely loads of fun either way.

The car had been sold off by Car and Driver back in 1974, and was subsequently restored by Don Sherman, now of Automobile Magazine, but a C/D alum, in 2005. Sherman had his nostalgic fun with the car before selling it to Fox Motorsports. Fox has added some more beans to the Pinto's powerplant, and now has it up for sale on eBay Motors. You've got seven days to scrape some dough together and go vintage racing in the car that started Pat Bedard's respectable – if short – racing career.

[Source: Automobile]

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      This was before my time, but I remember in the 80's C&D did some pretty cool project cars, like a Diesel Benz Wagon for Bedard, and the 1982 (84?) Gale Banks twin-turbo Trans-Am that hit .98g and ran 202 on 'Mrs. Orcutt's driveway" that needed the side windows taped shut.

      My favorites though were the two 'Hubba Hubba, Honda Honda' CRXs they made. The first was a normal, automatic trans 1.5L 75hp car with another motor and trans dropped in the hatch, making it sort of an 8 cylinder with 4 wheel drive. I think it hit 60 in like 8 1/2 seconds and drove pretty well, and got decent mileage considering the added weight and extra 4 cylinders.

      The second one, "Hubba squared", had two 1.8L fuel injected four bangers out of some Accords that were wrecked in transit to a dealer. Hubba 2 made 202HP (101 x2) and ran to 60 in the 6 second range. Suspension and flared body tweaks added to the coolness.

      Considering that in 1985, when they made Hubba 2, the Mustang GTs and IROCs were able to get to 60mph in around 7 seconds, and Audi & Porsche coming up with cool AWD cars (Quattro & 959), the CRX projects really seemed like cool cars, at least for me.
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      Give it to me baby, uh-huh uh-huh.
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      Years ago the Wall Street Journal did a story on amateur racers who built up old Pintos and their 2.0 and 2.3 4 cylinder engines to race in. They had them cranking out 400 hp. Most could only afford to use the mundane Pinto but couldn't get any local sponsors for their rides so they painted slogans like "Save the Whales" on the cars.