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Everybody has their own definition of cool, and the Woodward Dream Cruise may be the ultimate microcosm for the wide-ranging tastes of auto enthusiasts. While most cruisers show up with classic muscle cars or perfectly preserved classics, automotive outliers seem to prefer more abstract expressions. We just so happen to love both – because it just isn't a party without the guy with the lampshade on his head.

The 2009 show was no different from past Dream Cruises, with interesting rollers like the bizarre and fascinating BMW Isetta to the disturbing and controversial harbinger of death. If you want the precursor to the DeLorean, Woodward gives you the Bricklin SV1. Heck, you can have the classic Time Machine too. While we know they may be passe, how can you lose with elephantitis of the Truck Nutz?

Want more? Take a moment to browse through our gallery below of crazy cars and trucks from the 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise.

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