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2009 Concours d'LeMons - Click above for a high-res image gallery

We never tire of cars. But we do tire of trailer queens. So before sampling some drop-top British hotness here in Monterey, we headed down to the first annual Concours d'LeMons, for some daily-driven obscurities and eye-sores.

Broken up into categories covering everything from "Rust Belt American Junk" to "Der Self-Satisfied Krautwagen," the automotive detritus spanned decades and tastes – Pintos to Pacers, Hudsons to Datsuns – a little sumpin' for everyone. Our favorite? Too many to count, but the Boss Pinto and Radio Flyer (above) are at the top of their list. Find your own in the gallery below.

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      There is no such things as 1st annual, It has to repeat next year to be annual.
      • 6 Years Ago
      That Radio Flyer's from my home town! That thing is LOUD. I think he owns one of the bars in town, I can't remember.