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Concours d'LeMons live stream focuses on the best of the worst

The perfect break from seeing-million dollar cars all week.

Monterey 2010: Concours d'LeMons brings oil leaks and levity

2010 Concours d'Lemons – Click above for high-res image gallery

Monterey 2009: First Annual Concours d'LeMons

2009 Concours d'LeMons - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Concours d'LeMons to invade Monterey

The same folks who bring you the 24 Hours of LeMons are taking the revolution to the plutocrats: on August 15 of this year they'll be breaking the Monterey ice with the Concours d'LeMons at Toro Park. It's a car show that's not merely "all about stuff that you haven't seen every damn August," it will be focused on some of the most spiritually jarring machinery you've ever seen anywhere.