• Feb 18, 2009
Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chevrolet Cobalt SS

Coinciding with the release of General Motors' Viability Plan, the automaker has disbanded its High Performance Vehicle Operations team, the crew responsible for the line V-series Cadillacs, the Chevrolet Cobalt SS, HHR SS and the V8 version of the Colorado. According to Vince Muniga, a spokesman for the General, "All high-performance projects are on indefinite hold. The engineers are moving into different areas of the organization, and they will work on Cadillacs, Buicks, Chevrolets and Pontiacs." Muniga went on to say that there are no plans for high-performance versions of upcoming plans, but once (if?) GM is in a better financial position, the team could be reinstated.

[Source: Autoweek]

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      This isn't that big of a deal. Owners will just have to take their own prerogative to spice up their own cars instead of having it done at the factory--at least for a while. Hey, score one for Powerblock TV.
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      Bad news for GM, but good news for Ford, SVT and hi-performance EcoBoost drivetrains. Long live the Shelby GT500, SVT Raptor, SHO and Focus/Fiesta ST.

      Ford Europe just launched the Focus RS FWD (not AWD) with 2.5L 4cyl EcoBoost turbo at 300HP, under 6-sec 0-60 and combined 30MPG. Can't wait for it to come over to the USA.

      Note new suspension technology: "With RevoKnuckle, Focus RS is the only model in the Focus range not to use the traditional ‘McPherson strut’ arrangement. In place of the regular, one-piece suspension knuckle, RevoKnuckle has two separate pieces – one part fixed to the strut; one part that rotates with the steering line of the car. This approach has afforded engineers far greater flexibility to set the car’s suspension geometry to minimise torque steer, particularly by reducing the critical distance – known as the ‘king-pin offset’ – between the wheel centre and the steering axis line. RevoKnuckle was originally conceived as high torque diesel engines moved from large, often all-wheel-drive vehicles into smaller, front-wheel-drive cars. The Ford RevoKnuckle approach is unique in its design and installation and has been developed and patented exclusively by Ford Research & Advanced Engineering (R&AE) and Team RS. RevoKnuckle gives the adjustability of a race-car style, double wishbone suspension, in a cost-effective McPherson architecture.

      Ford CEO Alan Mullay must be loving this and looking forward to sharing these technologies between US, Euope and Asia - "No Mercy to the competition!"
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        I guarantee Mulally is not loving what is happening to GM or Chrysler. If they go down, Ford is almost guaranteed to go down. And despite what Ford does right and not talking a loan, the more negative light that is cast on Chrysler and GM, the more people throw Ford right in the pile with the "Domestic manufacturers).
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        Focus RS is 5cyl inline
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        plus it is not EcoBoost
        (the engine origins from Volvo and you can also find it in Volvo R60 and Focus ST)
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      Im going to scoop up all the members of the disbanded group and start my own car company.
      Whos in?
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      or does the gxp's not apply?
      • 5 Years Ago
      Interesting forum...and it seems typical of the video game car culture we see any more...Only a small percentage of ANY companies products tend to be performance variants (except for the true blood car companies like Porsche, Aston, lambo, etc)...they are usually halo cars designed to get enthusiasts into the showroom and become potential customers. Cadillac sold very few of the CTS-V in the first few years, but that didn't mean that it didn't bring image and attitude to the table. Chrysler did the same thing with Viper, they probably never sold enough to be profitable with it, but it led people to other products, and got the young drivers dreaming of their future rides. Companies like BMW and Subaru and Toyota have all recognized that you have to start from the lowest common denominator: the non-enthusiast driver, who just looks at a car as a mild status symbol and basic transportation. That is no way an insult to their products, BMW could not survive if they only sold their M series, they live on their 3-series and added the 1-series to get the entry level driver. Subaru's WRX Sti is only a small percentage of their sales, and would probably be the first to go if THEY got in trouble. As much as GM fans hate it, this is a step they HAVE to take to stay solvent, just like Ford will have to do when the eco-warriors start hitting them...whether they need government loans or not...remember the late 70's...we've been thru this before...
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      So, let me get this straight. They aren't killing what they have, they're just going on hiatus for a while until they can get everything in order? That's reasonable. Between the Corvettes, Camaro's, G8's, CTS V-series, Solstice/Sky's, Cobalt/HHR SS, Colorado V8, ect they've got plenty of fun vehicles out there to last them for a little while.
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      Sad to see it go. Wonder how much advanced engineering in not only higher power but overall increased performance (efficiency, braking, handling) has been developed in HPVO and transferred to the regular production vehicles. How much will be lost?
      Jim Pierce
      • 5 Years Ago
      Hmmmm...maybe these high performance engineers can now develop the product that WILL sell, that so many of us actually DO want to buy: plug-in electric pickups and work trucks. No, I am not an enviro-wacko. Just hate having to fund foreign oil dictators and their support for terrorists.

      Without trucks, America stops!
      • 5 Years Ago
      Again the Mustang owner says, "Tee hee".
      • 5 Years Ago
      Oh Well,

      I guess this is what happens when the fat cats of GM screw off and run the company into the ground, and all before it's really too late for them to recover on their own.

      This is sort of like watching a big shot teenager (GM) getting grounded, after being busted for making a lot of really stupid choices, and having his cool stuff taken away from him, unfortunately in this case the people who were starting to warm up to GM are feeling the backhand smack aftershock.

      I can't really say that I feel sorry at all that this decision had to be made, especially with them whining back t the gov't again for more money. Good Grief!! Seriously! In fact I think some sort of reality call needs to be echoed throughout the company, maybe even some GM Executives and big shots coming to light and admitting that they screwed up as an added touch, oh and anyone in the high upper management choosing to retire from GM at this time of disaster should not receive anything but their last paycheck, just like quitting a lowly contract job. If GM could try and plan a little better, like what Ford is doing, then maybe this decision would not have to be made.

      Right now GM is not in a position to complain because ultimately the government could have given GM the finger, when asking for a bailout.

      Lastly I think if they go and ask for more money then the next time we file our taxes we should receive a $8000-11,000 credit towards anything made by GM as a payback to the hard working tax payer, since it is us tax payers paying for their mess in the first place.
      • 5 Years Ago

      Well at least the aftermarket and tuners will still be there.
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