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Sheesh, it's about time... Pricing on the Dodge Caliber-based Jeep Patriot has been announced, with the first Patriots rolling off the line in Belvedere set to arrive in dealerships around January 1. The news, which comes a little later than the fall launch plans Chrysler announced previously, finally satisfies those of us who have been eagerly awaiting the little ute's arrival since its launch at April's New York Auto Show. As promised, the Patriot starts at under 15 grand -- $14,958 including shipping, to be exact. The Patriot Limited 4x4 rings in at $23,530, still at the low end of its class in terms of price.

Sharing a platform with the Caliber and Jeep Compass means Patriot is available with the option of a continuously variable transmission (CVT), as well as DaimlerChrysler's 2.4L World Engine. Die hards need not be disappointed by the non-truck platform, however -- in the upper-level trims, the vehicle still comes "Trail Rated," complete with four-wheel-drive, tow hooks and skid plates, and its design hearkens back to the Cherokees of the 90s. No word on the nature of the marketing push yet, but Jeep should roll that out by the end of first quarter when dealerships are all stocked up.

[Source: Automotive News]

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      • 8 Years Ago
      What's the difference between teh Compass and Patriot other than the Compass looks like total @$$ and the Patriot looks like a moderately better looking @$$?
      • 8 Years Ago
      I just bought my '07 Compass Sport 4x2, and I love it!!! Even as a "loyal" JEEP owner, there is nothing not to like, and if I just have to go off-road, I still have my '91 Cherokee Sport 4x4. Truth is, gas mileage is what I want, reliability, which is what Jeep is known for, regardless of model or popular (however unsavory) opinion. Things do change, and I really hated the fact that the XJ went out of production, but that is why I am keeping mine. Why can't we have a Jeep that looks more modern, better than most crossovers, sporty and fun, but still practical and professional? This argument is about as lame as anything I can think of. Could that be why the Jeep lineup has so many options? There is a Jeep out there for anybody that wants one, and whatever they might want it for. I do agree that the base prices are decreasing, but DCX gets every bit of it back because you have to actually equip these vehicles with the options you want, but if you buy the packages instead of individual features, you stand to come out way better. I am very happy with my purchase, and confident that it will be durable and very long lasting. After all, it is a JEEP!!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      If it's equipped like the Compass (as it most probably is), the base price will exclude power windows, locks, and air conditioning. Air conditioning!

      DCX has been decontenting vehicles to lower the base prices. Notice how the "as shown" price in the commercials is at least 50% higher than the "starting at" price?
      • 8 Years Ago
      "The Wrangler is more expensive than the Patriot because the Wrangler is actually built to go off-road and is 2-3 times the vehicle the Patriot/Compass is."

      Your reasoning doesn't account for the Wrangler's sudden increase in price in recent years.

      The Wrangler's 1950's technology and materials make it extremely inexpensive to build. MSRP is high because DCX successfully markets it as a premium product, convincing folks that a vehicle that can go off-road is more desirable than one that gets 30 MPG,
      • 8 Years Ago
      "Your reasoning doesn't account for the Wrangler's sudden increase in price in recent years.

      The Wrangler's 1950's technology and materials make it extremely inexpensive to build. MSRP is high because DCX successfully markets it as a premium product, convincing folks that a vehicle that can go off-road is more desirable than one that gets 30 MPG,"

      And your logic is what? That a Wrangler built on proven, solid technology to take the abuse off-roading dishes out should be less expensive than what...a Toyota Yaris just because the technology is old?

      The Wrangler has been admittedly expensive for a while. But a lot of that expense is in the materials. Old technology does not mean cheap technology. The Dana44 and xfer case on a Wrangler is simply stronger/more capable than the comparable parts on a Compass. Stronger usually means more expensive even if the technology is older. The day the Patriot or Compass can out do a Wrangler off-road you will hands down will the argument that the Wrangler is overpriced. Until then it's a rather specious argument.

      You'll get no argument from me, however about the fact that most people that buy Jeeps, SUVs, 4x4 trucks never take them offroad. That's not my problem, and they have the same right as anyone else to buy those vehicles. I don't think they should, but I'm glad you don't have the right to stop them.
      • 8 Years Ago
      What I want to know is why this costs LESS then a Wrangler. I will check back for insight on why the Wrangler costs up to almost 30K!!! (I checked at the dealer and that was the number on the sticker so please dont tell me I am wrong--I am not blind).
      • 8 Years Ago
      This might be not a real Cherokee return, but yet the price is good enough to prefer Patriot to a Commander :)

      And I most probably gonna keep my old ('92) Cherokee for off-road
      • 8 Years Ago

      The Liberty KJ uses the exact same transfer case as an XJ (NP242 Selec-Trac). Same part, same chance of failure.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Having owned 3 (2 CJs and 1 Wrangler) I'm not thrilled with the direction Jeep has taken. I owned my first one when you drove a Jeep for it's off-road capability, not style or comfort. Jeep should remember what sparked the enthusiasm that drove the brand's loyal following. I was inspired when I first saw the Unlimited Rubicon but disheartened when it was followed by the recent Hummeresque introduction. I'm not stuck in the past. I'm all for refining, but stay true to what got you you're reputation. I'm starting to doubt whether I'll buy the next generation Jeep. Is that possible?! Jeep please remember us. The few, the proud, the muddy.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Damn you, DCX!!!! Damn you to hell!!!

      You fargin iceholes, sons of bastages! What do you think you're doing to Jeep? It's such short-sighted and short term thinking to believe this will help Jeep or DCX. Sure you might sell a few extra units this year or next, but when people realize how watered down and laughable the brand has become no one will want any of your vehicles except maybe the Wrangler.

      I have a 1998 Cherokee that I would LOVE to replace with another comparable Jeep, but you refuse to make anything comparable. The Grand Cherokee is too nice and expensive to actually take off-road even if it is somewhat capable. The Liberty is a joke. (Ever see the video of the Liberty blowing its xfer case when it tried to go up a mild incline?)

      Where is my Cherokee replacement?!?!?!? You sold many buttloads of Cherokees over almost 20 years. I can't be the only one waiting for a replacement! Build a worthy successor and people will buy it. Keep half-assing things and see how long you last.
      • 8 Years Ago
      even an optional "Trail Rated" awd model is no 4x4. a FWD Jeep is a damn disgrace and DCX should stab themselves in the eye for destroying an icon of a brand in less than a decade. the liberty was the begining of the end and this solidifies it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      What percentage of Land Rover and Jeep onwers take their vehicles off-roading?

      There. I won.

      I'll go out on a limb and say I like the Compass. (I guess I lost there.) It's not the best-built small hatch on the planet, but it does the job of a hatch well enough.

      I agree on the FWD complaints, though.

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