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Volvo XC90 Excellence steps into the big leagues at $106k

Volvo is charging a big premium for the top version of its flagship model, stepping into the growing field of six-figure SUVs coming out of Europe with the arrival of the XC90 Excellence.

Volvo spoils your kid with XC90 Child Seat Concept [w/video]

Volvo imagines what it would be like if were to gear its XC90 luxury crossover specifically toward babies with the XC90 Excellence Child Seat Concept.

Volvo kicks back with Lounge Console concept in Shanghai [w/video]

Volvo presents the XC90 Excellence at the Shanghai Motor Show with the Lounge Console concept, packing even more luxury for customers who prefer to be driven than drive themselves.

Volvo revealing ultra-luxurious XC90 Excellence in Shanghai [w/video]

Volvo introduces the luxurious XC90 Excellence at the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show, with four commodious seats instead of seven and more upscale equipment.