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Volvo S90 Ambience concept is complete with light show and scents

Relax, breathe in the aromas, and enjoy the show

We've written about Volvo's interior concepts earlier, including different Lounge Consoles presented in 2015 and 2016 for the XC90 and S90, respectively. The idea with these is that a sumptuous

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Lounge Console Interior in the Volvo S90 Excellence | Autoblog Minute

Luxurious Lounge Console interior in the all new Volvo S90 Excellence.

Get comfy in the Volvo S90 Excellence's Lounge Console

Lose a front seat, gain more infotainment and Orrefors crystal.

A proper setup for work or leisure.

Volvo S90 Excellence Lounge Console concept is for La-Z-Boys

Sit back and relax, says Volvo.

The Lounge Console cools your drinks and heats your toes.