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Priceless lunar rover barely escapes death at scrap yard

A priceless lunar rover prototype was sold for scrap in Alabama, but was rescued from the clutches of disaster at the last possible moment.

Watch a Street Fighter lookalike destroy this car with his bare hands

We've always been a little curious about what our favorite video game characters get up to after the story comes to close. Street Fighter's Ryu has apparently fallen on hard times and been forced to take up a job at the local scrap yard. Either that, or the next installment of the fighting franchise will feature a host of menacing compacts for our hero to battle.

Is it more eco-friendly to keep your old car or buy new?

Here's a question that often comes up when discussing the green automotive scene: Is it more eco-friendly to keep your old car or to buy a new, more fuel efficient model? The answer is, as you may have guessed, very complicated. One way to attack the question is on carbon emissions, and this is the main tack that Scientific American has taken when analyzing the issue. According to SciAm, due to the emi

BUSTED! Canada's largest chop shop caught with 700 stolen cars

For years, gearheads have made some extra coin buying junk cars like Mustangs and Chevelles, taking them