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Watch a Street Fighter lookalike destroy this car with his bare hands

We've always been a little curious about what our favorite video game characters get up to after the story comes to close. Street Fighter's Ryu has apparently fallen on hard times and been forced to take up a job at the local scrap yard. Either that, or the next installment of the fighting franchise will feature a host of menacing compacts for our hero to battle.

The video after the jump features one very determined martial artist as he takes out some pent-up aggression on an otherwise innocent four-door. There's an appropriate amount of carnage as the fighter proceeds to dismantle the vehicle with nothing but his boundless fury and a fancy headband.

We're guessing that he had some off-camera assistance with some of the vehicle's components, but that doesn't necessarily lessen the entertainment value. Hit the jump to check out the disassembly for yourself, and be sure to crank up the volume. We can all use a little Rage Against the Machine to get through the week.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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