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2020 Subaru Outback gets new-and-improved roof rack

Integrated swing-in roof rails return with new tie down points

Integrated swing-in roof rails return with new tie down points.

How to Decide on a Roof Rack

You may want to attach a roof rack to the top of your car to transport luggage, kayaks or other equipment.

How to Minimize Noise from Roof Straps

It isn’t always necessary to have a truck, van, or trailer to haul large items; you can strap many things right to the top of your car, including luggage, kayaks, or certain furniture items when moving.

Roof racks burned extra 100m gallons of fuel last year in US

While that's just 1 percent of total fuel consumption, it's no small number.

Roof racks waste increasing amounts of fuel through aerodynamic drag, but better design — and government policy — would help save gas.

4 Essential Things to Know About the Roof Rack on Your Car

A roof rack is on top of the vehicle and is used for extra storage space to carry large items such as kayaks, canoes, luggage, or big containers.