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Kia chasing dinero using Robert De Niro to sell e-Niro

Kia is going full meme

Kia is going full meme.

Christian Bale quits Enzo Ferrari biopic over weight gain

He tried, but allegedly failed, to reach the weight needed to play the lead in Michael Mann's film about the legendary automaker.

Robert De Niro cast as Enzo Ferrari in new film

A new movie that would reportedly focus on Ferrari from the mid '40s through the '80s is in the works, starring Robert De Niro as Enzo and possibly directed by Clint Eastwood.

The Best Car Commerical Ever Stars Robert De Niro

Before Godfather II, there was this 30-second epic set in Little Italy

Before he ascended to his rightful place at the top of American cinema, Robert De Niro hawked cars in a television commercial.