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How to Replace a Throttle Body Due to Carbon Build-Up on Most Vehicles

The modern automobile is comprised of many different systems.

How to Replace a Steering Stabilizer Stop

One of the most popular upgrades that truck and Jeep owners like to make is increasing the size and width of their wheels and tires.

How to Replace Suspension Springs

Suspension springs are made from coiled steel, and are commonly coated with a protective powder coating or paint to protect them from rust and deterioration.

How to Replace a Throttle Return Spring

On many vehicles, a mechanical throttle cable connects the accelerator pedal to the throttle.

How to Replace a Car Surge Tank Hose

The coolant system in today's modern vehicle is designed as a closed loop system.

How to Replace a Car Track Bar

The track bar is a suspension component typically found on vehicles with solid axles, both in rear and four wheel drive applications.

How to Replace a Hatch Lock Cylinder

Lock cylinders are used in a wide variety of key-locking devices.

How to Replace a Headlight Closure Relay

All relays, including your headlight closure relay, are used to keep high amperage and voltage systems away from the driver as a safety measure.

How to Replace a Coolant Vacuum Valve Switch

When the temperature begins to fall, one of the most important components on your vehicle is the heater.

How to Replace a Cruise Control Switch

When cruise control systems were first introduced, they usually were activated by a series of switches that ranged from dash controls to secondary turn signal switches.

How to Replace a Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers play a vital role in the ride and comfort of your vehicle.

How to Replace a Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is connected to and moved by the engine crankshaft pulley.

How to Replace an Air Conditioning Belt

Unless you drive a newfangled hybrid or electric car, the AC compressor in your vehicle is driven off a belt.

How to Replace Your Car Idle Air Control Valve

The speed of an engine’s RPMs while at a stop is called idle or idle speed.

How to Replace a Power Brake Booster

The brake booster provides power assistance during braking.

How to Change a Fuel Filter

When people talk about routine maintenance greatly lengthening the life of a car, they are usually referring to simple services like replacing the fuel filter and changing the oil at regular intervals.

How to Replace a Power Seat Switch

Power seat position and operation is controlled through the power seat switch.

How to Replace a Car Combination Valve

A combination valve provides everything you need to balance your brake system in one compact unit.

How to Replace the Glow Plugs in Your Car

Glow plugs are used in diesel engines to help heat the fuel in preparation for the combustion chamber when the engine is cold.

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