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BlackFly flying ‘car’ aims to go on sale next year for price of an SUV

It joins crowded field but is already certified for flight

Personal aerial vehicle joins a crowded field, but it's approved for flight already.

Honda's Uni-Cub hacked to be a boombox and a personal guide

The little mobility chair can be more than a Segway you sit on.

Whill aims to redefine the personal mobility vehicle [w/videos]

Meet the Whill Type-A. The product of a small group of engineers who worked at Japanese electronics companies and automakers - they started off with a motorized add-on for conventional wheelchairs three years ago - it's not a wheelchair, but a four-wheel-drive personal mobility device focused on style and maneuverability.

Acton spins the Kickstarter wheel again with M Scooter [w/video]

It's a small niche that's home to a wide variety of vehicles, but if it's innovative enough, there just might be room for one more. The M Scooter from Acton is the latest personal electric transporter (PET) to get our attention. Designed to tackle "the last mile" of the commute, local errands, or campus – be it corporate or collegiate, this latest stand up scooter has a few neat tricks up its minimalist sleeve.

Toyota confirms i-Road electric trike for production

The wacky, three-wheeled Toyota i-Road we saw in Geneva earlier this year will be heading to production. But before you run down to your local Toyota dealer looking for one of these all-electric "personal mobility" vehicles, chances are, you'll never actually see one unless you visit Japan.

Honda finds a way to make the Segway look elegant [w/video]

Honda is jumping into the personal-mobility vehicle market associated with the Segway, and the Japanese automaker even has a cute name for the device.

Geneva Preview: Honda 3R-C Concept is a funny little thing

Honda 3R-C Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Geneva Preview: Honda 3R-C concept takes another shot at personal mobility

Honda 3R-C concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Tokyo 2009: Autoblog samples quirky Honda U3-X unicycle and other assist devices

Jim Kenzie of the Toronto Star tries out the U3-X - Click above for high-res image gallery

Tokyo 2009: We sample Honda's quirky U3-X, stride management assist and bodyweight assist devices

Jim Kenzie of the Toronto Star tries out the U3-X - click above for high res-image gallery