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$664,200 for a parking space? So what kind of car will be parked in it?

This in a city where a 200-square-foot micro aparatment can cost a half-mil.

America has too much parking, just not in the cities that need it

It always seems that parking is easy to find when you don't need it, and it turns out that there might be a reason for that. New studies conducted by the University of Connecticut have found that the US might actually have too many spaces, especially in cities where they are needed least.

Video Shows Instigator Of Road-Rage Incident In Walmart Parking Lot

Georgia woman clearly rammed teenager who had been saving parking space, police say

Last week, we brought you the story of a confrontation between a Georgia school board member and teenager in a Walmart parking lot.

New York City Parking Space On Sale For $1 Million

Experts debate: Opulent or ostentatious?

The most expensive parking space in New York City history is now for sale. The $1 million price tag for the 23-foot-by-12-foot slab of space on East 11th Street has already provoked a wave of reactions from experts.

Car Charging Group teams with Central Parking System to electrify U.S. parking lots

Car Charging Group, a Florida-based installer of plug-in vehicle charging stations, announced a potentially massive deal that involves partnering with Central Parking System and its subsidiary, USA Parking System, to install Coulomb Technologies' networked ChargePoint stations at up to 2,200 sites across the U.S

Video: Japanese man builds $500,000 house in single parking space

A house built in the area of a parking space – Click above to watch video after the jump

Video: What to do when you can't find parking in China? Make your own

Make your own parking spot – Click above to watch video after the jump

Greening up parking lots means pricing them better, turning them into actual parks

Your car is not doing any environmental damage when it's parked, is it? Maybe not directly, but the simple act of parking plays an important role in enabling people to drive more without really considering the consequences or alternatives and, more importantly, creates a lot of emissions while people look for a parking spot. Two related stories on this issue crossed our virtual desk today, one that rethinks how parking should opera

Bostonian ponies up record $300,000 for parking space. Average area price? $134k

In some cities, people don't want to pony up loose change for a meter-fed parking spot. In Boston, an abundance of available spaces would be like a dream come true, as evidenced by the exorbitant prices being paid on a regular basis in some areas. For example, The Boston Globe reports that a spot at 48 Commonwealth in the Back Bay district has just gone for a record $300,000 after residents in the area engaged in a bidding war for it. The couple that sold the space is also trying to sel

$150,000 parking space for sale in Britain

We can all stop complaining about our mortgage payments, because at least they're paying for a roof and somewhere to plug in the TiVo. This parking space in Knightsbridge, U.K. only offers its owners a "very hard layer to park your car" for £80,000 or over $147,000 US. We hear Seinfeld and Leno have already put in bids.