Make your own parking spot – Click above to watch video after the jump

Having just survived a trip to New York, we know all about the challenges of trying to find a parking space in the world's busiest cities. Nabbing a spot for your car is one part luck of the draw and two parts being ruthless enough to swoop in and nab an open space no matter how many lanes of traffic you have to cross in order to do it. But that's if you want to play by (most) of the rules. What if you had the power to manifest a legal-looking parking spot out of thin air?

We're guessing life would be considerably less stressful, at least until the authorities caught on to your game and put a stop to creative parking all together. We can't quite tell whether the video after the jump is the real deal or a cleverly-staged spot by one group or another, but it doesn't really matter. Click on the jump to see how one smart young Beijing driver does when she needs to find a spot for her Volkswagen.

[Source: YouTube]

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