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NASA’s climbing robot will look for life on other planets

Don't be creeped out by its 16 "fingers"

NASA's climbing robot. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is developing a climbing robot. LEMUR has four limbs, 16 fingers, and hundreds of tiny hooks. The bot is designed to grip and climb any surface especially cliffs and polar ice caps. Its main purpose is to find signs of life on future space missions. LEMUR’s AI can help it navigate hard to reach places without assistance. Limbed Excursion Mechanical Utility Robot (or LEMUR for short). Is part of a new generation of bots that can autonomously w

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This self-balancing rideable ball can travel up to 12 miles per hour

It has a max range of 15 miles

A self-balancing rideable ball. JYROBALL is powered by a 500w electric motor and has a top speed of 12 mph. It can carry up to 220 lbs and folds into a compact 10-inch ball. JYROBALL can fully charge in less than 3 hours, and has a max range of 15 miles. JYROBALL currently retails for $899. JYROBALL is an electric rideable wheel designed for urban mobility. Powered by a 500W electric motor JYROALL has a top speed of 12 mph, and a range of 15 miles. JYROBALL retails for $899. Learn more at jyr

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Build your own robot on wheels with this awesome kit

It's only $60.00 (40% off) right now

Build your own robot on wheels. The mBot kit from Makeblock teaches how to build and program robots. This educational kit uses block-based programing. It aims to make learning about robotics and programming simple and fun. mBot has 4 expansion ports with more than 100 electronic modules, and a large variety of add-ons. mBot has 3 modes: obstacle avoidance, line-follow, and manual control. Makeblock’s mBot is currently $99.99. Makeblock has an educational robot kit called mBot that’s designed

This non-slip tool mat might be the answer to your garage organization nightmares

It's flexible, sturdy, and only 40 bucks

A non-slip flexible tool mat. Grypmat is a non-magnetic non-slip tray for your tools. Designed to grip to any surface up to a 70 degree angle. The flexible tool mat is made out of industrial strength silicon-polymer. It can withstand chemical spills and temperatures over 500 degrees fahrenheit. Grypmat was created by an Air Force mechanic. Who was trying to keep his tools secure on curved surfaces. Grypmat comes in 3 sizes and start at $39.99. Created by an Air Force mechanic, Grypmat is a no

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Bartosz Ostalowski is a pro drifter who races with his feet

A motorcycle accident didn't hold him back from his dream

Professional racecar driver with no arms. Bartosz Ostalowski is a professional drifter that only use his feet. At the age of 20 Ostalowski lost his arms in a motorcycle accident. But he never gave up on his dream of a professional racing career. Ostalowski has amazing determination and skill. He competes in the Polish Drifting Championships, The European Drifting Championships, and other circuits. Professional driver Bartosz Ostalowski is the only drifter in the world that uses only his feet

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This clever kayak folds up for easy storage

Portability could be a problem of the past for kayakers

A foldable kayak. Uncharted Watercraft designed a portable kayak that’s easy to assemble. There are two models the Scorpion FX and Outbound GT. The Scorpion weighs 58 lbs and has a carrying capacity of 250 lbs. The Outbound can carry 500 lbs and weighs 70 lbs. These foldable kayaks start at $975. These foldable kayaks from Uncharted Watercraft are easy to assemble and even easier to transport. They unfold in seconds. Learn more at unchartedwatercraft.com

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This electric skateboard can shred off-road

And it's made of bamboo!

An electric skateboard for on- and off-road. Bamboo GTR by Evolve is a remote controlled electric skateboard. Designed for the commuter and off-road enthusiast. bamboo GTR has 2 different tire kits. The street kit is for flat roads and has a range of 31 miles and a top speed of 26 mph. The all-terrain kit gets 19 miles per charge and has a top speed of 22 mph. Bamboo is propelled by a twin brushless motor, and powered by a flexible lithium-ion battery cell creating 3,000 watts of power. Bamboo G

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This amphibious boat has “legs”

They help get the craft in and out of the water

Amphibious craft with “legs.” Sealegs is an amphibious craft fitted with hydraulic “legs” and tires. Designed to get the craft in and out of the water without the need for a trailer. Sealegs can go over sand, dirt, and gravel. When the boat is in water the legs are pulled back up. Sealegs amphibious crafts use a hydraulic tire system that’s designed to make getting in and out of the water easier. The legs are all-wheel-drive with speeds reaching 5 mph on water. Learn more at sealegsrecreation

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This amphibious tour bus keeps the party going right into the water

Rides are surprisingly affordable

An amphibious tour bus. The Kaba Bus can easily transition from road to water. Providing riders with city tours by land and sea. The 45-minute tours are currently offered in Tokyo and Yamanakako, Japan. Rides cost $32.25 per person. The Kaba tour bus can accommodate 40 passengers. The Kaba Bus is an amphibious vehicle that gives tours of Tokyo and Yamanakako, Japan. The 45-minute tour costs $32.25 per person. The Kaba bus can carry 40 passengers. Learn more at kaba-bus.com

You can now get a 'windshield' wiper for your motorcycle helmet

It can keep your visor clear for 12 hours at a time

A mini electric wiper. WiPEY is an electric wiper for motorcycle helmets. Designed to keep the visor clear on rainy road trips. Quick press a button on the side of the mount for a single pass of the wiper. Hold the button down for a few seconds for continuous operation. WiPEY comes with a helmet mount. A handlebar wireless button is optional. WiPEY is battery powered with 12-hour operating time. WiPEY is an electric wiper that mounts on the bottom or top of a motorcycle helmet. The mini wiper