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This electric skateboard can shred off-road

And it's made of bamboo!

Transcript: An electric skateboard for on- and off-road. Bamboo GTR by Evolve is a remote controlled electric skateboard, designed for the commuter and off-road enthusiast. Bamboo GTR has 2 different tire kits. The street kit is for flat roads and has a range of 31 miles and a top speed of 26 mph. The all-terrain kit gets 19 miles per charge and has a top speed of 22 mph. Bamboo is propelled by a twin brushless motor, and powered by a flexible lithium-ion battery cell creating 3,000 watts of power. Bamboo GTR is made out of 3 layers of bamboo and 2 layers of fiberglass. Bamboo GTR retails for $1,899. 

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