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Report: Barry Meguiar, host of 'Car Crazy' in serious condition *UPDATE

Odds are we don't have to tell you who Barry Meguiar is. Aside from producing a galaxy of high-quality, affordable car care products through his family's Meguiar's label, the man has been a Saturday morning icon in auto-obsessed homes for years. As the host of "Car Crazy," Meguiar travels the country, stopping at auto shows both big and small to glean the stories behind the shiny sheetmetal. With h

SEMA 2009: Meguiars Wraptivo brings vinyl car wraps to the masses

Meguiars Wraptivo - Click above for high-res image gallery

Meguiar's exec claims he was fired over religion

A discrimination suit has been filed by a former executive of Irvine, California based Meguiar's Inc. Meguiar's is one of the leading car care product makers in the industry, and is led by founding family member, Barry Meguiar. Barry is the well-known host of the cable program Car Crazy, as well. One former exec seems to feel that being car crazy wasn't enough to keep his job, though.