SEMA 2009: Meguiars Wraptivo brings vinyl car wraps to the masses

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When we think of vinyl wraps, we usually picture flat-billed baseball caps worn by tattooed dude-bros driving lifted pickups with the latest energy drink plastered on the sides. Or budget Bubbles. Or Fast and Furious poseurs. But we've always seen the potential for enthusiasts looking for an alternative to costly paint jobs or to cover a neglected exterior in an all-new hue. The only problem: Cost. The average full vinyl wrap can set you back between $3,000 and $10,000 depending on the size and application – and if you're looking for a custom theme, the cost of a graphic artist can push that price even higher. Recognizing this financial hurtle, Meguiars is partnering with 3M to offer a customizable, budget solution for the cash-strapped among us, and we're almost ready to pull the trigger.

Announced this week at SEMA, Wraptivo will allow owners to create a vinyl wrap online – with custom graphics and textures – have it shipped to a licensed retailer and installed in four-to-six hours. Wraptivo expects to offer wraps for around 25 vehicles initially, with plans to grow its model base over the next several months after it launches later this year. Wraptivo hasn't released pricing yet, but we're told to expect something in the $1,000 to $1,700 realm with up to a three-year warranty.

To show off its new system at SEMA, Wraptivo had a Scion xB on hand in a two-tone, pixelated black and white/brushed metal design along with a last-gen Ford Mustang that was wrapped, stripped and rewrapped each day based on designs attendees created on computers at the stand. The results spanned the spectrum from impressive to lame (check the gallery), but we're excited by the possibilities and may even put it to the test on one of our own vehicles in the very near future. We might even have you vote on the color scheme. We're thinking matte green, but Lieberman wants pink camo. That guy has no taste. Hit the jump for the official details.

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New Designer Car Wraps Allow the Ultimate Personalization For Consumers and Their Vehicles

Irvine, Calif. (November 3, 2009) – In the age of ultimate personalization, Meguiar's®, the leader in surface care technology, announced today the introduction of Wraptivo™, a line of designer car wraps allowing consumers to create a one-off temporary skin that transforms the outer shell of their vehicles.

Wraptivo allows consumers to modify their cars in an interchangeable and fun way, without the commitment and cost of full body paint. Dull vehicles are transformed into bold personalized creations with Wraptivo's safe, thin adhesive-backed film in as little as 4-8 hours. A limitless palette of customization opportunities, including personal photos, licensed logos and patterns, exist through a state-of-the-art Customizer accessible online, For the first time, Wraptivo will provide the US automotive consumer with the ability to choose textured finishes, such as chrome, carbon and matte.

Wraptivo's Customizer provides individuals with the ability to have absolute creative control to configure and modify the outside shell of their car, ultimately producing a four-wheeled work of art from the privacy of their very own computer.

Meguiar's will preview this bold new technology during the 2009 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show by showcasing a Scion xB and a 2009 Mustang wrapped in different-themed Wraptivo skins each day. At the Wraptivo booth (24643), the company will also have an online customizer that will allow attendees to design, produce and share their own Wraptivo designer car wraps with friends.

Meguiar's Wraptivo is not for consumers who believe a vehicle is simply a mode of transportation, but rather for those who view their car as an extension of individual style. This product gives fans of racing, fashion, sports or pop culture a platform to showcase and show off their interests and personalities on any and all parts of their ride. "From the mild to the wild, anything is possible with Wraptivo," said automotive stylist and Wraptivo spokesperson, RJ de Vera.

De Vera adds, "Our goal at SEMA is to give our audience a sneak peek into something progressive, fresh, and exciting in the automotive world. Consumers now have the ultimate tool to let their minds create limitless customization. Who needs anything typical or run-of-the-mill when you can let your imagination run wild on your hood, truck or roof? With Wraptivo, you can be as understated or loud as you wish, separating yourself from your neighbors and everyone else at a red light."

Meguiar's will also hold a contest for the most creative wrap designed in the Wraptivo booth through its state-of-the-art Customizer during the SEMA Show. Two free wraps will be awarded; one for the most creative 2009 Mustang wrap design and the second for the most creative 2009 Scion xB wrap design. The online customizers will be showcased in the Wraptivo booth, #24643, at the Las Vegas Convention Center this November 3-6. Wraptivo customization will soon be available to car enthusiasts with a passion for personalization at

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