Odds are we don't have to tell you who Barry Meguiar is. Aside from producing a galaxy of high-quality, affordable car care products through his family's Meguiar's label, the man has been a Saturday morning icon in auto-obsessed homes for years. As the host of "Car Crazy," Meguiar travels the country, stopping at auto shows both big and small to glean the stories behind the shiny sheetmetal. With his upbeat personality and obvious affection for the hobby, the man is a constant reminder that someday, your own rotting project just might be something worth an interview.
According to AutoWeek, the 67-year-old Meguiar is currently in serious condition in the intensive care unit at the Monterey Community Hospital. At this point, details are scarce as to what exactly landed the enthusiast in the ICU. Whatever the cause, our thoughts are with Meguiar and his family for a speedy recovery, whatever the ailment.

*Update: According to a statement released by Meguiar's, Barry Meguiar is currently in stable and improving condition after contracting a virus while traveling outside of the country. The Meguiar family thanks everyone for their warm wishes.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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