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BMW wants to help develop open-source in-vehicle platform

Automakers have been adding electronic gizmos to vehicles for decades, and operating systems have been developed to allow each system communicate with one another. The OSs are different from one brand to the next, but BMW wants to help develop a system using an open-source Linux platform it's helping to create along with Google and Wind River Systems.

Honda hearts Linux, wants cash

Linux is pretty good at harnessing processor speed, and Chastain Motorsports is hoping to snare some of that effect to propel their Panoz/Honda to victory. The distinctive Penguin logo, "Tux," has been affixed to the nose of the 200+ MPH car in anticipation of meeting a donation

The open source car, known as the c,mm,n is powered by hydrogen

Here is an idea that has taken hold in the computer realm, but not so much in the automotive world: open source. If you know anything about computers, you have probably heard of Linux, the open source operating system. What exactly does open source mean? It means that anybody who can write in the language of the software in question can make their own changes to it, and publish their changes as they see fit. We have seen, however, that just because something, like L