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Alfa Romeo has been rumored to return to the US market so many times for so many years, it's hard to keep count. This time, though, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne promises that it's for real. Alfa is scheduled to reappear in the States this summer with its 4C sports coupe as its introductory model. However, buyers won't be able to pop into just any Fiat showroom and leave with a 4C – it's planning to only sell Alfas at its best-performing dealers, according to The Detroit News.

On average, Fiat dealers have only been selling about 17 cars a month.

"We're on the threshold of the next big thing in dealerships" says Automotive News' executive editor Edward Lapham. What's Lapham referring to? Well, as he puts it, some automaker – maybe Fiat – will carve out a niche by selling its cars in the U.S. at "reasonably sized stores" – not to be confused with dealerships – in rejuvenated cities. Lapham says that most of today's dealerships are in the suburbs and are clustered together "like teenagers in a shopping mall o

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