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Uber-Waymo trial delayed: U.S. judge raises prospect of a 'cover-up'

Letter appears, saying Uber trained employees to steal trade secrets, hide their tracks.

"You're just making the impression that this is a total cover-up," the judge told Uber.

Waymo-Uber key witness takes the Fifth; annoyed judge could block Uber research

Don't expect me to 'stay my hand,' judge warns.

At issue: 14,000 allegedly stolen documents.

Volkswagen pleads guilty in emissions scandal, could pay $25B

VW already agreed to pay $4.3 billion in fines in January

Volkswagen, whose diesel-emissions scandal broke in September 2015, pleads guilty in a US District Court to obstruction of justice and conspiracy.

Bankrupt A123 Systems can ask creditors to vote on repayment plan

Details of the A123 Systems bankruptcy proceedings are getting ironed out, and have been given the green light by US Bankruptcy Judge Kevin Carey. The federal judge approved an outline of lithium ion battery maker A123's liquidation plan to be used by creditors, who will decide whether to vote for or against the repayment plan.

Fraudster turned non-existent biofuel into luxury cars, sentenced to 12 years

Rodney Hailey, who was in the news last summer for selling more than $9 million in Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN) credits for biofuel that, well, didn't exist, has been sentenced to nearly 12 years and six months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.

Trucking association files appeal in federal court on CARB regulation

The California Construction Trucking Association has filed a notice of appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. It's the latest in a two-year legal battle against the California Air Resource Board's heavy-duty, on-road truck and bus regulations. The CARB diesel engine regulation will force the replacement of most diesel-powered commercial motor vehicles that don't meet 2010 US Jon LeSage