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The condenser fan relay and the engine cooling fan relay are, on most vehicles, the same component.

A fan clutch is designed with a temperature sensitive spring that is used to control the engaging and disengaging of the fan depending on the temperature of your engine.

A lot of manufacturers use cooling fan resistors in order to offer multiple fan speeds on a single fan assembly or to control dual fans.

The cooling/radiator fan motor is an essential part of the cooling system in a vehicle.

When the AC system needs a little extra help to cool the condenser, the AC condenser fan turns on.

One of the most important parts within the cooling system of your vehicle is the fan clutch.

The cooling/radiator fan motor is part of your vehicle’s cooling system.

The purpose of the cooling fan resistor is to remove heat from the engine’s coolant and from the A/C refrigerant.

The purpose of the cooling fan relay is to pull air through the A/C condenser and the radiator.

Virtually all road going vehicles are equipped with a heating and air conditioning system that is designed to help keep the vehicle’s passengers comfortable.

An A/C fan control module helps to control the blower that supplies air to the cabin of a vehicle, as well as the cooling fans.

Virtually all modern vehicles built today use electric cooling fans to help pull air through the radiator to keep the engine cool.

Virtually all late model vehicles and the vast majority of road going vehicles use radiator cooling fans with electric motors to keep the engine cool.

Most modern vehicles use electric cooling fans to help pull air through the radiator so that it can keep the engine cool.

The condenser fan relay is the electronic relay that controls the power to the AC condenser cooling fan.

Fans are necessary to keep the components under your car’s hood from overheating.

If you live in a city/town that is known for its hot climate, then sometimes the air conditioner in your car just isn’t enough on those long drives.

When you engage your air conditioning in your car, it is usually summertime and hot outside.


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