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North Korean hackers stole US fighter jet blueprints

Don’t panic just yet: The documents weren’t classified.

North Korean hackers have stolen 40,000 defense-related documents since 2014 from South Korean organizations, including blueprints for the F-15 fighter.

B-52 bomber could serve as template for 'arsenal plane'

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter hinted that the B-52 bomber could be used as an 'arsenal plane,' saying the concept would be based on an 'older' platform.

Navy, Air National Guard fighters gear up for Super Bowl jobs

F-15s And F/A-18s Will Be In The Air During The Big Game

The Navy will provide some entertainment for those in attendance at this Sunday's Super Bowl, but the California Air National Guard will be on guard duty.

USAF exhausting weapons supplies fighting ISIS

The USAF is pushing for more money to replace the 20,000 bombs and weapons it's used against ISIS since its aerial campaign began 15 months ago.

Boeing preparing F-15 able to carry 16 air-to-air missiles?

A new variant of the venerable F-15 Eagle could be on the way, and it will allegedly carry 16 of the longest-range missiles in the US Air Force arsenal.

First female F-35 pilot takes to the skies

Lt. Col. Christine Mau is the first female fighter pilot to fly the new F-35 Lightning II, taking to skies over Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

Russian fighters, bombers pushing their luck in both the East and West

Air forces in both eastern and western countries have been forced to intercept and shadow fighters and bombers from Russia over the past few days.

DARPA wants to use F-15s to launch satellites [w/video]

Launching satellites could be getting cheaper if DARPA's Airborne Launch Assist Space Access system is successful. Check out the video of the system here.

Russian bombers to begin patrols in Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico

Imagine you're on a boat, floating in the Gulf of Mexico, perhaps partaking in some sport fishing with the hope of landing a marlin. A thunderous drone approaches, and you spot, barely, the big, silver shape and swept wings of a Russian TU-95 Bear bomber (like the one shown above, being intercepted by a US Air Force F-15). Well, with Russia's belligerence once again on the uptick, that's a very real possibility.

The world's fighter jets take to the sky in beautiful music video

It being Friday, we're eager to find ways of wasting time. One of the very best that we've come up with is to take a look at this awesome video, a roughly four-and-a-half-minute orgy of fighter jets, including the F/A-18 Hornet, F-16 Falcon, Dassault Mirage and F-15 Eagle, sprinkled in wit

The best military photos of the week: September 26

This week's photos are big on night shots and dynamic lighting, and have been colored, in part, by the most recent bombing campaign in the Middle East. In our lead shot, two F-15E Strike Eagles are on full afterburner in the early morning following a strike in Syria.

The best military photos of the week: September 12

As per usual, all four branches of the US military are represented in this week's best photos. This week's photos kick off with a rather bizarre scene, as a Georgia Air National Guard F-15 Eagle is towed through the town of Warner Robins. The single-seat fighter was loaned to the town's city hall to serve as a display for a new veteran's memorial.

Massachusetts ANG F-15 pilot never ejected, killed in crash

The unidentified Massachusetts Air National Guard pilot that was at the controls of an F-15C (like those shown above) when it crashed earlier this week never managed to eject from the single-seat jet. His body was discovered late last night.

Search resumes for missing pilot of Virginia F-15 crash

The pilot of a Massachusetts Air National Guard F-15 is still missing after yesterday's crash in the Shenandoah Valley. Officials called off the search at midnight, although efforts were resumed at 8:00 AM this morning, Military Times reports.